Kate Middleton and Prince William attend a children's birthday party in Pakistan.

William & Kate Surprised Young Fans For Their Birthday & The Photos Are So Sweet

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It's a party, it's a party! A royal party, that is. While most children could only dream of a prince and a duchess showing up at their birthday bash, that's exactly what happened to three lucky kids in Pakistan on Oct. 17. The children, Iman, 12, Ibrahim, 6, and Daniyal, 8, got the ultimate surprise when Prince William and Kate Middleton waltzed into the celebration. The best part? There's photo evidence of the adorable moment! Believe me when I tell you the photos of William and Kate surprising kids on their birthday are almost too cute to handle.

The royal couple headed to the SOS Children’s Village, a local charity that provides shelter to more than 150 boys and girls in the Pakistani city of Lahore. With three birthdays in the village that day, there was quite the celebration to be had! The day was filled with games, music, and traditional Pakistani cakes, according to People. Oh, and of course, the royal couple joined in on a rendition of "Happy Birthday." Classic!

William even took the time to sit down and speak with the children individually. The prince reportedly asked each of the children’s ages, before then adding, “How old do you think I am?”

“Twenty-one," one child reportedly replied. Aww!

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“I’ll take 21, that’s good!” William reportedly replied. “I am a little bit older than that. Can you guess? I have my own children. A little boy called Louis and then there is Charlotte and then George, who is 6. He’s almost as old as you," he said, speaking on his family.

Every single photo captured at the surprise appearance is truly heart-melting. In one of the snapshots, Kate and William huddled up in a circle with the kids and appeared to be in deep conversation. William was seen leaning in towards the children to better hear what they were saying, while Kate placed a loving hand on one girl's shoulder. It appears that the royals made fast friends with the children!

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Another photo showed William and Kate standing in front of a colorful display of presents, balloons, flowers, and cake. The elaborate set-up looked like a birthday dream come true! The couple was all smiles as they stood in front of the decadent, two-tiered dessert and looked very ready to dole out an array of gifts. "Add a little confetti to each day," a sign behind the couple read, which couldn't have been more fitting.

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The couple's surprise visit to the children was part of a larger five-day trip to Pakistan. Kate had nothing but the sweetest things to say about her trip around the nation with her hubby.

When delivering a speech at the SOS children's village, she said:

“We have been really moved and touched by what we have seen, and by the happy home you have made. I’m aware that many of you have experienced extremely difficult times in your lives. But it is inspiring to see how you have used your strength and positivity to help transform the lives of so many young children here.”

Ugh, I cry.

Kate and William's trip to Pakistan concludes on Oct. 18 but I'll be reminiscing on these sweet photos for quite a while!