'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Almost Had A Totally Different Ending


Marvel fans already know that it is important to stay in the theater during the credits, and that is more imperative than ever for Spider-Man: Far From Home. The new movie has what is likely the most essential mid-credits scene of any Marvel movie, but according to the movie's writers, that ending was almost completely different. The original Spider-Man: Far From Home ending featured Peter Parker making a very important decision that he opted out of in the final cut of the movie.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Spider-Man: Far From Home. The central story in Spider-Man: Far From Home is Peter Parker grappling with what Tony Stark's death means for his own superhero future. Throughout the movie, Peter struggles to live up to the expectations of being "the new Iron Man," but finally realizes his true potential by defeating the illusion-creating villain Mysterio. And to keep the Tony Stark parallels going even more, the movie ends with Peter Parker revealed as Spider-Man to the world, similar to how Iron Man ended with Tony Stark announcing he was Iron Man at a press conference.

The big difference between those two identity-revealing scenes is that Tony Stark makes the decision to announce his alter-ego to the world, but Peter Parker is outed as Spider-Man by a reporter after Mysterio teases his real name. Originally, though, Peter Parker's big reveal was actually going to be a lot more similar to Tony Stark's. Far From Home screenwriters Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers told the New York Times that in the original ending, Peter chose to reveal his identity to the world during his battle with Mysterio.

We were wondering, "Are we going as deep as we need to at the end of the movie?" We played with the idea that Peter is the one who sacrifices his identity out of necessity during the final battle, then it seemed more interesting if Mysterio tricks him into doing it, but any time we wrote a version where he was being revealed to the world in that battle, it felt like it diminished the victory. So before it became a tag, it was really just the end of the movie: Right as he feels he’s stepping up as Spider-Man, he has the rug pulled out from under him again.

Instead of having Peter reveal his secret during the climactic fight, it seemed like Spider-Man was going to keep his identity a secret. Until that mid-credits scene, that is. The bombshell tag saw Mysterio releasing and edited video that made it seem like Spider-Man was killing a hero, and journalist J. Jonah Jameson (reprised by J.K. Simmons from Sony's original Spider-Man trilogy) announced to the world that Spider-Man was actually Peter Parker.

The ending sets up a dangerous future for Spider-Man within the MCU. Not only does the world now view him as a villain, but his secret identity is blown as well, meaning there is nowhere for Peter Parker to hide. Fans can bet that Peter's newfound infamy will be a massive shift in future Spider-Man movies, likely catapulting him out of high school and into bigger superhero work.