The Best Opening Line You Should Send To Your Matches, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Jamie Kravitz

Swiping on dating apps is all fun and games until it comes time to actually start a conversation with a match. Figuring out what to say first is insanely difficult. "Hey" and "What's up?" just don't cut it anymore. With so many messages being sent every day, you want to stand out from the crowd and maximize your chances of getting a response. So, how do you convey your charm, intelligence, and wit (not to mention your modesty) in a way that is unique to your personality? When considering what kinds of opening lines to use on dating apps, it can be useful to look to your sign. You want to communicate your strengths right off the bat — whether it's your penchant for humor or your killer confidence. What better way to do that than with a little help from the stars?

"Opening lines can seem a bit contrived when you’re saying what you think people want to hear," says Jaye, an astrologer at "It’s best to speak from the heart because the right romantic match will gravitate towards you when you’re being as authentic as possible. Attracting love through your sun sign characteristics can be as easy as personalizing the astrological traits you were born with." Jaye filled me in on the qualities each sign should draw from when starting a conversation. Below, find the ideal opener to use next time you swipe right, all based on your zodiac sign.


Aries are all about action. "You need someone that can keep up with your energy," says Jaye. "Your opening lines should be laced with action verbs to attract the right one for you." Ask your match a question that will help determine if they share your sense of urgency. Try saying: "I challenge you to a game of Would You Rather."


"You’re loyal and you deserve it in return, so make sure to include a detail about something that you’ve been doing for years (a hobby, a sport, or how long you’ve had your dog)," says Jaye. Consider referencing one of their photos or a line in their bio as well. If their profile says they're into soccer, you could tell them, "I've been running track since I was seven! How long have you played soccer?"


Geminis are known for their wit. "You need a meeting of the minds," says Jaye. "Your opening lines should be playful and sarcastic to help you weed out the mental duds." For example, "I read your bio. Is Infinite Jest really anyone's favorite book?"


"The right match for you will want the comforts of home like only you can provide," says Jaye. "Mention something that you’re nurturing or taking care of at the moment (plants, projects, pets) and you’ll pique the right person’s interest." You can even use a quirky pick-up line, like, "Are you a gardener? Let's put our tulips together."


You crave admiration, Leo. "Attract a mate by proudly sharing an accomplishment of yours," says Jaye. "The right one will want to know more about the person behind the success." Brag a little while also suggesting a fun date idea: "I have to warn you, I'm great at pool. Are you up for a game this Saturday?"


"There’s a secret wish inside of you that you may not let people know about. Share that wish in your opening lines and let your dating life expand your sense of self," says Jaye. Aspiring author? Tell them, "I'm working on a book. If you wrote a memoir, what would you call it?"


"You’re a poet at heart," says Jaye. "Share a line from a song, poem, or quote that embodies how you feel about life or love and you’ll attract someone who appreciates the arts and the artist inside you." Open with your favorite saying, or use this one: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."


"You love a good mystery, but that’s probably because you are one yourself," says Jaye. "Consider your opening line like leaving a clue for a potential mate. The right one will pick up what you throw down." Simply write, "There you are," and see how they respond.


"Keep your opening lines light and friendly and the right one will be like a moth to your flame," says Jaye. Try a humorous opener, like this one. Send only the word "Titanic." If they respond with, "huh?" follow up with, "Sorry, that was a terrible icebreaker."


"You can’t help but present yourself like you’ve got it together. Tap into your confidence and share something from the heart," says Jaye. Ask a straightforward question that will reveal something about their personality. If you're stuck, go with a classic: "Two truths and a lie. Ready?"


"You see the world in a different way and you want to attract someone that gets your vision," says Jaye. "Mention a unique hobby of yours in your opening line and watch who gravitates towards you." Are you obsessed with documentaries? Say, "I just watched this amazing doc on Netflix. What's your go-to genre?"


"As the romantic of the zodiac you love the magic tidal wave of feelings that love brings. Your best opening line should include a peek into your rich imagination, enticing them to take a stroll with you in your vivid, colorful world," says Jaye. Let them know: "I've always wanted to learn more about astronomy. Let's have a picnic under the stars."

Use these opening lines or tweak them so they align with your own interests. When it comes to dating apps, it's always better to be yourself.

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