The One Thing To Do For Yourself Before Tying The Knot, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Marriage is that one thing you could read plenty of books about, but still feel like a stranger to the whole concept. And in a way, you really are. That's why it's important to have a keen sense of self before tying the knot. The one thing to do before getting married, based on your zodiac sign, will ease you gracefully into a new, exciting portion of your life.

Don't think of this as the last thing you will do for yourself before you're "trapped." Marriage should never hold that definition of being placed in a constraining situation. It should give you wings and allow you to soar to states of happiness in your life that you couldn't imagine experiencing and enjoying with anyone else. Love stories have always set our souls on fire, and before you go trailblazing in your own, you have to promise a few things to yourself.

Fulfillment varies from person to person, just as marriages do. In order to fully appreciate that one thing you do for yourself, it needs to be something tailored to all that you are and adore. So, before "I do," books you on a trip to forever with the love of your life, you owe it to yourself to listen to your zodiac and do this one thing beforehand.

Aries: Attend A Yoga Retreat

A weekend yoga retreat will give you a few days to unwind and recharge, Aries. No thinking about what you could be doing, but absorbing every moment of mindful thoughts. Your overworked brain will appreciate the relaxation.

Taurus: Learn A New Outdoor Hobby

Taurus, take up a hobby that allows you to soak in those beautiful rays of sunshine, whether that may be gardening, rock climbing, or horseback riding. Shoot, you may even be able to enjoy and teach it to your partner. You pick up things pretty quickly.

Gemini: Attend A Ted Conference

Gemini, you're no stranger to talking or listening to other people's insight. Attending a Ted Conference will give you an ear full of a different perspective. It may even get you reflecting on your own as well.

Cancer: Plan A Dinner Party For You And Your Mom

Cancer, doing something nice with your mom always balances you out. An entire dinner party for the two of you to enjoy with some wine and delicious food? Now that's one memory you'll have in your heart forever.

Leo: Go See A Broadway Show In New York

Something about theatrics speaks to you on a different level, Leo. Round up the girl squad and pick a show you've wanted to see for awhile, but never had the chance to. The big city and bright lights of Times Square will make you feel right at home.

Virgo: Plan A Staycation, Just Because

Virgo, you're such a hard worker that an impromptu day off doesn't seam realistic. Well, it most certainly is, and you will more than enjoy a staycation. Plop it on your couch or book a couple of days at a cute bed and breakfast in your town.

Libra: Go On A Glamping Trip

Fresh air and peace and quiet with just you or a group of your girls is right up your alley, Libra. Seriously, it's the ultimate balance of outdoors and socializing. You'll return so refreshed, and with some pretty incredible pictures.

Scorpio: Take The Next Step In Your Passion

Writing a book or considering a new screenplay, Scorpio? It's time to take the next steps towards your passion. It may seem like such a huge idea, but successfully pulling them off all starts with a single step advancement.

Sagittarius: Take A Solo Road Trip

The open road will do you good, Sag. Seriously, there is nothing more freeing than hitting the road and going until you want to stop and explore a scenic spot. Tend to your wanderlust a bit.

Capricorn: Propose A New Family Tradition

Cap, you're pretty family-oriented and before you embark on a new adventure with your SO, leave a legacy with your fam. Whether it's meeting for dinner once a month or an annual family trip, you'll find satisfaction from knowing you started it all. D*mn, you're growing up so fast.

Aquarius: Run A Marathon For A Cause

Aquarius, you're a natural born humanitarian. Anywhere you can help, you will. Running a marathon might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but for a great cause, it is so worth it.

Pisces: Go To A Drive-In Movie

A drive-in movie is so much fun, and if you go during the evening hours of the summer, the experience is so much better, Pisces. Find an old film or box office hit, sit back in your ride with some cozy blankets and yummy snacks, and enjoy the show.

In the midst of wedding planning, don't forget to treat yourself to an activity tailored towards you. Before you know it, you'll be embracing a exciting new chapter of your life with your SO right by your side. That's truly something to look forward to.