Experts Reveal The Biggest Problem With Casual Dating, & It Might Surprise You

by Korey Lane

Let's get one thing straight: Casual dating can be totally awesome. If both parties are comfortable with the situation, it can be a great way to fulfill your needs while still making time for yourself. But it's not always fun and games, especially if what you want is something serious. It can feel impossible to find the kind of relationship you think you want in today's casual dating culture, but the number one problem with casual dating isn't in the nature of the relationship. Instead, it's in how we talk about casual dating. Communication in casual dating (and like in anything else, honestly) is everything.

But what even constitutes as a casual relationship these days, anyway? According to experts, it's as simple as it sounds. "A casual relationship is a relationship that can be fun and exciting but lacks commitment," dating coach John Keegan previously told Elite Daily. "It often can just be solely focused around sex, but nothing too deep and nothing that tends to lead to any more [of a] meaningful relationship."

It sounds great, especially if you know for a fact that you don't want or need anything more serious. But, even though the point of a casual relationship is to be casual and "chill," communication still plays a major role. While a casual relationship lacks the commitment of a romantic relationship, it still consists of two people being intimate together. And if one party isn't honest about how they feel, problems can begin to surface.

"A relationship can be casual if the members are really clear about their needs," relationship coach Nina Rubin previously told Elite Daily. "Often, one starts edging toward liking the other more than expected and is afraid to tell the other."

It's all great sex and flirty texts until someone catches feelings. At that point, the casual relationship has the potential to become more complicated, but the good news is that you can stop the drama in its tracks by being honest. "One can avoid being hurt by a casual relationship by not agreeing to be something to someone that they’re ill-equipped to handle," author and relationship expert Alexis Nicole White previously told Elite Daily. "If you know commitment matters to you, refrain from a casual relationship."

Really, it starts with being honest with yourself. If you can honestly say that you're happy with a casual relationship, then you're on the right track. But if you're unsure, be cautious before getting agreeing to be in one.

If being honest with yourself is the challenge you're facing, Rubin suggested asking yourself the following questions: "Do you feel confident in what you’re doing? Are your expectations being met? Are you leading someone on? Are you on the same page?"

If you can answer those questions truthfully and are satisfied with your responses, you're well on your way to being in a healthy casual relationship. Which really, at the end of the day, is the best of both worlds. So go on and get yours.