This App Will Make Your Dream Trip To Iceland A Reality With Little Effort On Your Part

by Ciara Johnson

It's an incredible feeling going on an awesome vacation, but what about the months leading up to your trip? On the one hand, you're full of excitement and shopping for the cutest outfits. On the other hand, there's so much to do, and the time goes by fast. Planning everything out — from flights, to accommodation, to the best restaurants and excursions — can be difficult. There's an endless amount of resources online, but all of the blogs and websites can honestly feel overwhelming. What if you could just show up to your destination with an epic itinerary in hand that required little effort on your part? Well, now you can. Meet the Noken app — it will help make your dream trip to Iceland a reality this winter.

Iceland is the ultimate bucket list destination, and I can totally see why. The country is full of otherworldly landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, and endless rainbows. The natural beauty in Iceland makes it majestic for all who visit. Needless to say, this isn't your standard destination, so planning a trip here may take a bit more research and effort than usual.

Noken has you covered. It's an amazing travel resource that features custom itineraries to Iceland, Japan, and Portugal, in addition to a mobile app, so that all you have do is show up and prepare to have a good time. Don't worry — they curate balanced trips that include a mix of popular spots and hidden gems so that you can discover a new country in the best way possible.

This App Makes Travel Easy
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Travel may be fun, but it isn't always easy. You have to do a ton of planning and organizing for your trip to go as smooth as possible, which can be incredibly stressful for some.

Noken makes the whole travel experience smooth sailing. It can be easy to overlook or miss out on places that you knew nothing about. Fortunately, Noken has done all of the research (so that you don't have to) to ensure that each itinerary highlights the best stops. They take the lead from the moment you land, until the moment you depart. They'll help you book transportation, select your accommodation, and even reserve your spot for activities and tours.

You Choose The Blueprint
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While it may be convenient to have your entire trip planned, I think most of us can agree that there are some things we'd like to check off of our bucket lists for personal reasons. Noken will ensure that everything is a breeze, but you still get a say in your itinerary. You can tailor your travel blueprint to your budget, needs, preferences, and dates. They have a selection of hotels, activities, and transportation for all types of travelers — from backpackers, to those who want something a little more luxurious.

There's A Noken App
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You heard that right! You don't have to log onto a website or check your email. Instead, you can open the Noken app to access your itinerary.

In this app, they provide everything from packing lists, pre-departure tips, daily itineraries, offline map navigation (perfect for road tripping through Iceland), to even team support. This is an excellent resource to have at the palm of your hands. You'll never have to worry, because a Noken team member will be one phone call away if you need them.