You Can Request A Silent Ride On Uber Black If You're Not In The Mood For Small Talk

I'd like to think I'm a pretty chatty person (I enjoy meeting new people and striking up a quick convo or two), but I'm usually pretty quiet during my Uber rides. It's nothing against the drivers, though; I'm usually just tired AF or working via cell phone during my trips. If you get where I'm coming from, then you'll probably be excited about the new Uber Black features for 2019. They include tons of app-to-car perks like Temperature Control, Extended Pickup Period, Quiet Mode, and more. You'll basically get to personalize your rides based off of your moods and needs, which is a huge step up in the ride-sharing world.

Uber announced its new features for both Uber Black and Uber Black SUV on Wednesday, May 15, which is the same day they became available for riders. In other words, start splurging on upgraded rides and experience the new-and-improved perks. To order an Uber Black or Uber Black SUV, open your Uber app and enter a destination. Then, swipe through car options at the bottom of your screen until you see "Uber Black." When you see that option, click on it and get ready for a ride that's more luxurious than ever.

Courtesy of Uber

So, what makes it so luxurious? That's where the new features come into play. According to Uber, there are a handful of new perks that come along with ordering an Uber Black, such as getting help with your luggage, controlling the temperature in your car, having access to premium support, getting extended pickup time, and more. (To read about each new feature in detail, visit Uber's website.)

Since there's a lot going on, I'll talk about some of my favorite features, starting with Quiet Mode. As I previously mentioned, I spend most of my Uber rides working on my phone or taking a snooze (if I'm not out and about with friends, of course), so requesting a quiet ride is super helpful. Thankfully, it's also pretty easy to do. Apparently, you'll just have to choose "quiet preferred" in your Ride Preferences prior to being picked up. Then, you'll be all set.

If you'd rather spend your trip chatting it up with your Uber driver, there's also a setting for that — so see how you're feeling upon ordering your Uber Black.

Courtesy of Uber

Another new feature that I'm really excited about is Temperature Control. According to Uber, this one lets you decide on your car's climate before getting into it. As someone who's constantly hot and in need of AC or a cracked window, I'm really into this.

If you're more concerned with luggage that air conditioning, then you'll probably be stoked about Uber's new luggage feature. If you order an Uber Black, you'll be able to let your driver know if you'll need help loading your luggage into the car. I'm definitely someone who travels with packed-to-the-brim suitcases, so this one sounds extra helpful.

Again, those are only some of Uber's new Uber Black features. To read about all of them (or experience them for yourself), visit Uber's website or order an Uber Black.