The New Moon In Leo Marks A Powerful New Beginning For You

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Are you ready to take matters into your own hands? Do you wish to let go of fear and doubt? Is there anything you want more than a new beginning? After the astrological chaos that happened during July 2019, it might even feel like your life is in pieces. But remember, whatever you lost during the eclipses is no longer meant for you. The universe is simply paving the way for something so much better, and when the new moon in Leo 2019 takes place, you'll begin to catch a glimpse of what that could be. Look forward to July 31 at 11:12 p.m. ET because that's when the magic will happen.

There's no better time to plant the seeds of a bright and beautiful intention than on the new moon. This is where you are cleared of spiritual baggage and given a fresh canvas on which you can paint a new reality. Whatever you make a commitment to do on the new moon will reach fruition over the course of the next six months, when the full moon of the same zodiac sign takes place. So, dream big, my fellow astrology enthusiasts, because this lunation is calling on you to become your best self.

This new moon takes place in fiery, creative, and confident Leo, which means it's all about taking ownership of how awesome you truly are. Let go of small-minded thoughts and self-doubt. Now's the time to see yourself as the unique, bold, and lovable spirit you are. Leo is ruled by the sun, which casts light across the darkness and feeds the world with positivity. This is the dawn of a new awakening, so treat it as such. Let nothing and no one hold you back.

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Regain Your Confidence And Boldly Embrace A Better Life

In astrology, Leo is symbolized by the lion. Who tells the king of the jungle what to do? No one. The lion lazes in the sun, well aware of how majestic it is. Everyone views the lion's ferocious calm with awe, and when this new moon takes place, it's time for you to emulate the lion's regal state of being. You are the ruler of your own reality and you have the power to dictate how much respect you deserve.

Because this new moon forms a trine with expansive and optimistic Jupiter, this is a moment of immense growth. There are truly no limits to how far you can go. Even if you think you know exactly what you want, ask the universe for more. You deserve it.

Invite Deeper Love, Romance, And Friendship Into Your World

Down to its core, Leo's energy is all about romance, art, and creativity. It basks in luxury, chooses the brightest colors, and desires all the poetry in the world. Invite this sentiment into your life. A whirlwind romance awaits you right at this very moment, so fall in love with the world around you.

This new beginning is deeper than superficial romance. It has the power to help you forge long-lasting friendships and relationships. Because this new moon forms a conjunction with Venus — planet of love and beauty — you'll feel called to deepen the bonds in your life. Watch how this unfolds over the course of the next six months.

Expect The Energy To Be Unpredictable And Rebellious

Leo is bold, courageous, and loud. When a Leo is present in the room, it's as if someone invited the sun to walk through the door. You can't help but feel blinded by their power. This desire to increase your own light and invite everyone to fawn over your power will be present on this new moon. However, this desire could become reckless if you're not careful.

When this new moon forms a square with rebellious and insubordinate Uranus, you might run the risk of pushing too hard to get the attention you want. It may even cause you to do something drastic to make a change. Instead, find an even deeper confidence. You don't need proof that the world adores you because you know it in your bones already.

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