The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For 2018 Are Here & It's Time To Go Shopping

Your Pinterest board may already be overflowing with costume ideas. If pinning comes second-nature to you, you're probably brimming with creativity throughout Halloween season. But if you need some additional inspiration, the most popular Halloween costumes for 2018 have been revealed, all thanks to new data from global fashion search platform, Lyst, and Pinterest, as well.

Every year, social media is swarming with glittery, punny, and unique costumes you wish you thought of first. Thanks to this new list of top costumes for the season, you can play around with all of your ideas and see if they align with what's hot for the spookiest day of the year. Obviously, your 2018 costume has to outdo last year's, so there's no harm in looking to see what other people have been scoping out.

When it comes to trends, you have to consider the movies, music, random hashtags, and dance challenges that went viral throughout the year. They heavily influence the characters and concepts people decide to portray on All Hallows' Eve. The goal is to have people look at you and immediately be able to identify what you're dressed up as. (It sort of sucks having to spend the majority of Halloween explaining what you are, am I right?) On the night where you can be whoever you want, expect to run into these trends, according to what's hot on Pinterest right now.

Tonya Harding

The film based off of Tonya Harding's life, I, Tonya, hit the big screen on Dec. 8, 2017. Pinterest noticed a jump in searches for the retired figure skater, and additional data from Lyst revealed skater skirts have been trending across the globe.

I don't personally recommend recreating this particular costume; it's insensitive to the trauma Nancy Kerrigan faced as a result of the attack back in 1994, and the way the incident has shaped Harding's life, as she still claims to have had nothing to do with planning the attack.

A Character From 'Riverdale'

You fancy your favorite TV show characters because part of you wishes you could hop into the screen and hang with them. The popular Netflix show, Riverdale, is about high school kids trying to uncover the weird and dark secrets their town is hiding. Pinterest data shows a huge spike in users pinning costumes of the characters.

A '90s Icon

Real talk: The '90s was the greatest decade of all time. From the music to the fashion statements, this iconic decade will forever remain a goldmine for costume ideas. Pinning '90s costume ideas has spiked, and Lyst searches for '90s fashion brands have also increased. Needless to say, get your Skechers, chokers, and halter tops ready to slay this Halloween.

A Warrior Of Wakanda

The Black Panther movie was one of the greatest Marvel movies to ever be released, in my opinion. People are currently scouring Pinterest for Wakanda costume inspiration. Most notably, people are increasingly pinning Princess Shuri, who stole our hearts with her impeccable intelligence, style, and face makeup designs.

A Flamingo

Keep it simple and keep it pink. Folks are saving flamingo pins on Pinterest and increasing their searches on Lyst. Could this have something to do with the potential pink flamingo emoji release in 2019? Quite possibly!

Edna Mode From 'The Incredibles'

For some of us, the release of The Incredibles 2 this year was long overdue. Edna Mode stole the show once again, and the Pinterest increase for costume inspo and accessories in her likeness can attest to that. Halloween is going to be pretty nostalgic.

An ABBA-Inspired Dancing Queen

The ABBA disco style is hitting the scene once again. Pinterest data revealed that Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again-themed costume searches are on the rise. I guess people can't shake that amazing '70s hair and makeup.

A Cosmic Fairy

Who wouldn't want a costume that makes them feel extraterrestrial for one night? It's clear things are getting galactic, and both Pinterest and Lyst are seeing an increase in searches that are truly out of this world.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo will never fade away as a fashion icon. With her memorable bright colors, embroidered blouses, and floral crowns, there's so much Halloween inspiration to choose from. In fact, Pinterest reports an increase in a plethora of Frida-inspired costume searches.

A Cow

You better make a moove on and hit up the Halloween store ASAP. I normally only dress up as a cow when I can get free Chick-Fil-A (during its Cow Appreciation Day promotion), but Pinterest saw a spike in searches for cow print attire across the board. Get ready for plenty of "Got Milk?" jokes.

Have fun with your costume, even if you don't stick with a trend. Happy haunting!