The Moon In Cancer Is Making Everyone Want To Stay Home, But Honestly, No Complaints

by Rosey Baker
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

You might not have noticed the feeling just yet, but have you been craving your couch? Laying on that beautiful big couch where you know you'll be safe in the world, where no one can touch you or see you cry? I mean, I know I'm not the only one crying on my couch, at least while the moon is in Cancer. If you didn't know, now you do. So if you've been moody, irrationally emotional, and socially anxious (I mean, more than usual), you now have something to blame it on. It isn't easy being subject to your feelings so much, but the beauty of having the moon in Cancer is it puts us in the perfect position to experience these feelings: at home, in private.

The moon moves into a new sign every three days (roughly), and for those three days we all kind of take on the emotionality of the sign it moves into. When the moon is in Cancer, we tend to suffer from severe FOMO, social anxiety, and a desire to stay close to people and places that are most familiar to us. So in order to lean into the good parts of this sign, here are some things we can do to reap the benefits of this transit.

Check Out Your Netflix Watchlist

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You KNOW there's gotta be at least 40 shows and movies on your Netflix list just waiting to be devoured, and you haven't given them the time of day. Now is the time to tackle that sh*t like you're a dog greeting it's owner back from the war. Get in your best-worst pair of sweatpants and have a seat on your couch because for the next three nights, you're not gonna want to leave. Enjoy your solitude, refresh and recharge; it's your night.

Learn To Cook Something New

Cancers love to share meals with the people they love, to gather around the table with their closest friends and family and just stuff their faces together. I mean, that's something we can all get into, right? Who doesn't like a classy-ass dinner party? These next few days are the perfect time to look up a recipe, go to the supermarket, and put something together.

There's something extremely nourishing about cooking a meal, and that's coming from someone who has literally burned hot-chocolate. Didn't even know that was possible.

Invite Your Best Friend Over

Obviously, you can eat that meal by yourself, but if that's not your style, invite over one of your closest friends; you know, one that doesn't care that you eat meals on the floor for lack of a table in your apartment. All you need are a couple forks right? I mean f*ck it, eat with your hands. Friends don't judge each other. When the moon is in Cancer, we get a lot of strength from the people who we're closest with, curing us of the inevitable FOMO we experience during this transit. Keep your friends close, you can cry into each other's linguine.


Like I mentioned before, there's a lot of feelings swirling around while the moon is in Cancer, so take some time to process all of them without avoiding through Netflix and food. Sit down, take an hour, and just write out every single thing you're feeling: frustration with your job, how overwhelming life is, your fears of dying alone, or how trapped you are in your relationship. Write down ALL of it, and then if you want to, go ahead and burn that paper if you need to. The important thing is, once you release those feelings, they lose their power over you.