You Could Win 4 Years Of Free Queso By Making A Moe's-Inspired Graduation Cap

Courtesy of Moe's

Graduating college is a ton of fun, and one of the coolest parts leading up to the actual ceremony is decorating your graduation cap. When I graduated school, I rocked my favorite song lyrics on the big day. If I could do again this year, though, I'd probably decorate my cap differently. That's because the Moe's 2019 graduation cap contest is currently taking place, and it's giving graduates the chance to win free Moe's Queso for four whole years. Yes, you read that correctly: four years of free queso. That's a big deal, guys. If you agree, then I'll show you how you can enter the contest.

First things first: You must be at least 17 years old and a senior in high school or college in order to participate, per Moe's. If you are (congrats), then you can enter the company's graduation cap contest. Before I get into details, I'll give you a quick summary: Whoever decorates the best Moe's-inspired graduation cap will win the complimentary queso. With that being said, you might want to rethink your current design ideas and head to Moe's for some inspo. Maybe you can add a faux burrito to the top of your cap, or maybe you can line the edges with nachos. The possibilities are endless, guys.

Courtesy of Moe's

Once you've created the best Moe's-inspired graduation cap, you can enter the contest on social media. According to Moe's, you'll have to enter the contest via Instagram (just make sure your account is public, or else your submission won't be accepted). When you're ready, upload your photo with the hashtag #MoesGradContest and hope for the best. FYI, you'll have until 11:59 p.m. ET on June 14 to enter, so you don't have to rush your Moe's masterpiece.

Now that you know how to enter the contest, you're probably curious about all of the prizes (because there are a total of three). As I previously mentioned, the winner in first place will receive free Moe's Queso for four years (one free cup per week for 208 weeks, to be exact). The winner in second place will win free queso for two years, and the winner in third place will win free queso for one year. TBH, all of those prizes sound great to me. For more information on the prizes, check out the contest's terms and conditions.

Before you head to Moe's and start collecting accessories for your graduation cap, there's one more thing that you should know. In order to enter the contest, you'll have to be a member of the "Moe Rewards" program, which features perks like birthday burritos and free queso when you register. Thankfully, signing up is totally free — so make sure you're registered before entering the company's graduation cap contest.

Apparently, the reason why you'll need to sign up for the Moe Rewards program is because the winners will have money deposited into their accounts each week (for queso, of course). Therefore, it's important to have a Moe Rewards account before submitting your photo.

With that being said, start decorating your graduation caps (and try not to snack on your accessories in the process).