A Sugar Moon Is Coming & Here's What You Need To Know About It

March 2018 has finally arrived. It's the month where dreary winter comes to an end and vivacious, sweet-smelling, and inspiring springtime is just beginning to fill the air. It's when rain showers come to feed the earth after such a long season of hunger; when soft green sprouts are showing their heads through the soil, on their way to becoming full blooms. March is a time of reincarnation, fresh starts, and miracles. It's no wonder the name of its full moon is so mouthwatering and the meaning of the Sugar Moon occurring on Mar. 1 just proves what a magical month this is.

Does the moon sprinkle sugar over our heads, you may be wondering? Will there be snowstorms covering our streets with thick layers of sugar? Is the morning frost glazing every vine and branch actually just candy? Well, no, not exactly. But the real meaning behind the Sugar Moon is just as delicious.

Native Americans were thoughtful when dubbing each full moon out of the year with a unique name. Unlike our current society that typically follows the solar calendar to understand what time of year it is, they, along with various ancient cultures stretching across time, counted on the lunar cycle to punctuate time, according to Time and Date's website. These names are born from imagery associated with the current season, at least in the Northern Hemisphere. The Sugar Moon is no different. It's always the last full moon before the beginning of spring.

It's around this time of year that sap begins to leak from wrinkles in maple tree bark. The sap is then collected and transformed into sugary maple syrup, which we drizzle all over mounds of pancakes and waffles. This syrup has also been traditionally used as medicine and healing balm, which speaks to its historical importance. Hence, according to Act for Libraries, where the Sugar Moon got its name. The resurgence of maple syrup is heavily symbolic of the soft beginnings of springtime. Knowing which moon was the Sugar Moon helped mark this seasonal transition.

This moon is also known as the "Worm Moon," because once the snow thaws and winter comes to a close, the wet and nutrient soil becomes perfect ground for earthworms to expose themselves. The reappearance of these slithering bugs are a reminder that spring is just beginning. Another name for this moon is the "Sap Moon," which is just another way of describing the phenomena of syrup oozing from maple trees that the Sugar Moon describes. There are countless signs of spring to choose from when naming these moons. The Sugar Moon just happens to be, in my opinion, the prettiest one.

A Prosperity Spell To Perform On The Sugar Moon

The full moon is always a powerful time full of culmination, bounty, and wealth. The Sugar Moon marking the beginning of regenerative spring only accentuates its spiritual significance. Performing a ritual to harness its energy will set you off on the right foot during this seasonal transition and ensure the next few months are full of prosperity. Before you perform this ritual, make sure you sage the room and then open a window to allow the smoke to escape. Purifying your space before casting a spell is vital. Here's what you'll need:

1 cauldron or bowl filled with water

1 silver coin

1 green candle

1 white candle

Clove incense

Light your candles and the incense after arranging them around your cauldron. Take a moment to breathe deeply and focus on your intentions. Imagine yourself surrounded by abundance, success, and wealth. Whenever you feel ready, drop the silver coin into your cauldron and repeat the following affirmations as many times as you'd like:

I am financially independent and free,

money follows me everywhere I go.

Rich in life and wealthy in love,

I will always reap what I sow.

When you're finished, do something special with the water in your cauldron. You could pour it outside, onto the earth, or water your own plants with it. You can even save some of it in a jar to remind yourself of this spell and bring you good luck. Keep the coin in your wallet to attract wealth or simply tuck it away in a safe place. Allow the candles and the incense to burn all the way through. Remember to thank the Sugar Moon when those loaded pay days come in.