The Meaning Of Kim Kardashian’s Fourth Baby’s Name Is Perfectly On-Brand For The Wests

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Baby Kimye number four is here! Proud parents Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced the arrival of their fourth child, a boy, on May 10. The announcement unfortunately didn't include the baby's name, but just a short week later on May 17, fans finally know his name: Psalm West! Hey, cutie! Just like his siblings North, Saint, and Chi before him, little baby Psalm has a unique, one-syllable name. And the meaning of Kim Kardashian's fourth baby's name is so sweet.

According to babynames.com, "the name Psalm is of Hebrew origin and means 'Song.'"

It's perfectly on-brand with everything the Wests stand for these days. A ton of fans suspected the name would be something religious, and adding in a musical element? The name Psalm checks all the boxes.

Clearly Kardashian and West knew what they were doing when they named this little one. The name fits right in with the names of his older siblings, as it's something not a lot people name their kids, and it has that Kardashian weird-yet-still-kind-of-glam flare.

The baby's name announcement hit Instagram on May 17. Kardashian posted an adorable conversation from West, simply captioned with her new son's name: "Psalm West."

Welcome to the world, little buddy!

Kardashian, outside of a couple of mentions, has been very mums the word about the arrival of her fourth child. She confirmed in a January interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens LIVE that she and West were expecting their second son in the spring.

“It’s a boy, I think it’s been out there,” she told Cohen, adding how she thinks the secret got out, “I got drunk at our Christmas Eve party and told some people. I can’t remember who I told because I never get drunk."

Then, in the Season 16 premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kardashian and West revealed the baby news to the family in the very first scene. Later in the episode, in a conversation with Kylie Jenner, Kardashian said that it was someone else in the family who spilled the beans: North West!

"North has been going around saying she finally has a baby brother so Saint won't bother her anymore," Kardashian told Kylie Jenner in the clip. "She's the one who's been selling us out this whole time."

Oh, North. You say the darnedest things.

In her 73 Questions interview with Vogue (which also featured Kanye West and their children), Kardashian talked about the upcoming arrival of Psalm and why North, Saint, and Chi were excited for his birth.

"So who's most excited for baby number four?" the interviewer asked Kardashian, who then turned to Saint West and asked the same question.

"Who's most excited for baby brother? You?" Kardashian said to her son. "I think North is too 'cause Saint will have someone to play with instead of her. And Saint wants to name him Sainty Two, right?" Glad that's not the name they chose.

Kardashian also confirmed in this interview that the baby was not going to have a direction-themed name like big sister North West.

"That is all for North," Kardashian said. "Actually, Anna [Wintour] had some influence in naming North because once she heard that rumor, she asked me and said that name was genius, so that was helpful to me." Pretty upset we're not getting the South West baby the internet has dreamed of, not gonna lie.

Anyways, congrats on your new little bundle of joy, Kimye!