The Meaning Behind Dan & Shay's "Speechless" Will Actually Leave You Speechless

by Hollee Actman Becker
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney — aka Dan & Shay — recently announced that they will be performing "Speechless" at the upcoming Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on May 1. The beautiful love ballad— which was released in May 2018 — is nominated for a Top Country Song award, as is the duo's hit breakup anthem, "Tequila." Since we already figured out that "Tequila" is way more than a song about throwing back Don Julio, I really wanted to know: What's the meaning behind Dan & Shay's "Speechless?" It turns out that the song is actually a nice bookend to "Tequila," since instead of being about the end of a relationship, "Speechless" was actually inspired by Dan’s marriage to Abby Law in May 2017 and Shay’s marriage to Hannah Billingsley in October 2017.

Insert a collective "awwwwwww" here.

And get ready to swoon even more, you guys, because according to an interview Dan gave to People magazine, the deeply personal title refers to the way the two grooms felt when they first saw their wives-to-be walking down the aisle.

"I had this title 'Speechless' in my phone," he explained to the publication. "You’re at the altar waiting for your bride to walk down the aisle, then that moment happens and you have nothing to say. I remember being up there on our wedding day... and [Abby] walked up and I was at a loss for words."

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So, so sweet!

Meanwhile, Shay and Hannah tied the knot a few months after Dan and Abby, and so Dan explained to People that the two of them still had the feeling of being "speechless" fresh in their minds when they started writing the song and thinking about the music video, which features real-life footage from both couples' actual weddings.

"When it came time to do the video and given the fact that we had both had weddings the year before, I was like, 'Man, maybe this video is already done,'" he said. "I had the crazy idea of taking Shay and my wedding footage [and] parallel those stories to showcase the moments."

"We just wanted people to see what we saw and what we see every day," Mooney added in an interview with The Knot. "This isn’t a music video with paid actors. This is a real look at our weddings with our families and friends. A true look at a special piece of our life."

I'm not crying, you are!

Without further ado (I do?), here's the official "Speechless" music video:

So perfect. I can't even begin to imagine how many couples have made "Speechless" their wedding song after watching this thing, can you? It's got to be a pretty big number, especially since Dan & Shay released a stripped-down, acoustic version of the love ballad in January 2019, after fans hit them up on Twitter to ask for it.

"We noticed a lot of you wanting an acoustic version of Speechless for weddings, so we recorded one," Dan & Shay tweeted in response. "And we recorded Tequila. Since Speechless is #1 at country radio, and tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of Tequila, we thought midnight might be a good time to drop both."

And so they did.

Check out the acoustic version of "Speechless" below.

I'm speechless, y'all.