Grab Your BFF: This 'Mean Girls' Hotel Package Gives A New Meaning To "Fetch"

by Kristin Corpuz
The Time New York / Paramount Pictures

Hold on to your candy cane-grams because I have some "grool" news that will hit you like a giant yellow school bus. In honor of Mean Girls day — "it's October 3rd" — falling on a Wednesday this year (make sure you're wearing pink!), and inspired by the new hit Broadway musical, The Time New York Hotel is debuting a new package for the ultimate Mean Girls experience. From seeing the Broadway show to sipping fun, exclusive cocktails, the Mean Girls package at The Time New York Hotel will give you the time of your life, even if "there's a 30 percent chance that it's already raining." (Can you tell that I'm having a ton of fun pulling out quotes from the movie?)

If you're a diehard Mean Girls fan like me, you probably grew up watching and rewatching The Plastics making over wide-eyed Cady Heron, and probably (secretly) wished you had a frenemy like Regina George to add a little spice to your high school experience. You probably considered dressing up as a mouse (Duh!) for Halloween, and coordinate wearing pink on Wednesdays with a couple of your trusty sidekicks. You're also probably the person who absolutely needs to book this package at The Time New York Hotel.

If you're ready to get your "Jingle Bell Rock" on, head over to The Time for an unforgettable Mean Girls experience.

What's Included In This Incredibly Fetch Package?
The Time New York

The Time is offering the "It's October 3rd" package for Mean Girls fans to take advantage of during the month of October. In addition to an overnight stay for two people, the package includes concierge assistance for booking tickets to the Broadway musical, a welcome package that features a bottle of pink champagne and some faves from the Dylan's Candy Bar Mean Girls collection, and a morning-after Mask & Juice Drop. You'll also get to try out two signature cocktails from the exclusive Mean Girls menu, all of which have fun names inspired by the movie, including: The Hot Gossip, Tina Fey-Licious, Regina Snaps, and The Hump Day Treat.

Plus, The Time is part of the official Mean Girls Day NYC guide. The Broadway show teamed up with a few NYC businesses — including Drybar, Alice + Olivia, Postmates, and Gregory's Coffee — to give fans a ton of options to celebrate Mean Girls Day in true Regina George style.

Your Girl Crew Needs This Experience On Your Calendar ASAP
Paramount Pictures / IMDB

If you're looking for a fun NYC getaway (or staycation) that makes you feel like you're a Queen Bee, you should definitely take advantage of this package as soon as possible. Plus, if you celebrate Mean Girls Day every year, you know that this year is special, because it falls on a Wednesday. What better way to get in the Mean Girls mood than to go watch the Broadway musical and prance around NYC visiting all the Mean Girls hotspots?

Grab your Mean Girls-loving bestie, wear your best pink outfit (or an oversized pink polo), and tell her, "Get in loser, we're going on a trip." Head to The Time for a stay you definitely won't forget.