Michelle Roxburgh in Manifest

The 'Manifest' Season 2 Teaser Welcomes You Back To Flight 828

by Ani Bundel

Manifest Season 1 was one of NBC's biggest hits of the 2018-2019 TV season, so it was a little surprising that Season 2 was held for a January 2020 premiere. But the show (which has a six-season arc pre-planned, should it keep getting renewed) is now set to return with a bang as the story of the survivors of Flight 828 takes a turn. Could it possibly be they never survived at all? The new Manifest Season 2 teaser will have fans questioning everything they think they know about this mystery.

But "questioning everything" has been Manifest's methodology from the beginning of the show's run. The original premise seemed to be about a plane that goes missing. But instead of crashing on a mysterious island, it arrives in New York City... over five years after it originally was scheduled to land. This "What if Lost but Found?" was a solid premise, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. The plane itself blew up, the survivors had ESP-type experiences, and the FBI was involved until they weren't.

Season 1 ended with the discovery of more survivors, but not from the plane crash. Other people were turning up having been thrown through time. Worse, these characters would then suddenly die, having lived only as long as their time jump. (If you jumped ahead 24 hours, you died in 24 hours from when you reappeared. If you jumped forward a week, you lived for a week, etc.)

What does this mean for the survivors of Flight 828? Will they all die five-and-a-half years from the season premiere? The Manifest "First Look" takes fans inside where the new season is heading.

As Roxburgh reminds fans, Season 1 ended on a double cliffhanger. There's the long term question of what happened to the passengers. But there's also the immediate cliffhanger of Jared and Zeke's fight where the gun goes off. And there's the question of who is the father of Grace's child.

That's Manifest's other secret weapon. It's not just a show about big philosophical ideas of, "What if you knew you had five years to live?" It's a family drama, where the soap opera aspects are driven by the reality of what this sort of disappearance would do. "Who's the father of Grace's baby?" may sound like something out of The Young & The Restless, but her husband was dead. She moved on and got a new man. Then, suddenly, her husband was alive, and she's trying to put a marriage back together. It's a family drama by way of a science-fiction scenario.

Manifest Season 2 begins on Monday, Jan. 6, 2020 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.