The 'Listen To Your Heart' cast's Instagrams

Here Are The 'Listen To Your Heart' Cast's Instagrams, You're Welcome


Another spinoff of The Bachelor is on screens this spring, and this time it's all about music... and love, of course. What happens when a handful of attractive, single musicians get together? That's what fans are eager to find out. Of course, it's always fun to predict how everything is going to play out, so here's all of the Listen To Your Heart cast's Instagrams for you do to some searching and see who you think might be destined for each other.

Unlike traditional Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons, for which contestants are discouraged from joining the show for fame (or "for the wrong reasons" as it is often said), the pursuit of professional success kind of comes with the territory for LTYH. Yes, they're there to find a romantic partnership, but they're also there to show off their musical skills, so they're bound to get a good bit of publicity to boost their career. It's a bit of a refreshing approach to just put the whole "yes, I'm here for followers" thing out in the open.

Many of the contestants' social media accounts give a look into their personal musical styles and personalities. While of course everything on Instagram is curated, the profiles can help give viewers a pretty good idea of who the contestants are, and who they might be compatible with on the show.

Bekah Purifoy, Musical Theater

Bekah's perky and goofy personality is evident through her Instagram. From her self-taped "audition" to be Khloe Kardashian, to her cheeky bio "I don't know anything about Instagram," it's clear she has the personality to entertain.

Brandon Mills, American Folk Pop

Brandon likes to accompany each of his photos with a song lyric, inspiring quote, or thoughtful reflection. He's a guitar player, performer, and Marine veteran, according to his bio.

Bri Stauss, Pop

Bri's profile shows she's both outdoorsy and athletic, not to mention majorly talented with her music.

Cheyenne Arnell, R&B

Cheyenne's profile features tons of fire selfies and videos of her singing, and she's not afraid to use a cool lighting effect or filter to make her content unique.

Chris Watson, Soul

Chris is an artist living in Los Angeles, according to his Instagram bio. He shows off his talent and love for blues music all over his profile, with his guitar in hand most of the time.

Danny Padilla, Singer-Songwriter

Danny is one of only three contestants to have the blue verified check mark on his Instagram profile *before* Listen To Your Heart started airing. He often does remakes of popular songs to show off his vocal skills.

Gabe Baker, Soul/Folk

One thing unique about Gabe is that he plays the cello, and he seems proud to show that off on social media. In addition to musical content, his profile also features inspirational quotes to motivate his followers.

Jack Mason, Country

One look at Jack's profile and you know he's a country artist. He's rocking a cowboy hat in nearly all of his pics, and has some serious guitar skills to pair with his vocals.

Jamie Gabrielle, Pop-Country

Will Jamie be the next Taylor Swift? Possibly. This young star is from Nashville and is a singer/songwriter interested in pop country. Her profile features tons of fun selfies with cheeky captions.

Josh Hester, Country & Pop

One look at Josh's profile will tell you that, in addition to singing, this musician loves to fish and hit the gym.

Julia Rae, Pop

Julia's singing skills are definitely worth noting, but that's not her only hobby. She's also a pretty talented dancer, and even has a fun video of her dancing in a crowd at a basketball game.

Mariana Jasel, R&B and Pop

Mariana's Instagram and TikToks show off her upbeat personality. It also seems like she has some serious experience modeling.

Matt Ranaudo, Soul

Ever heard of playing piano in a minivan? Well now you have. Matt has a series of posts of him and friends playing some tunes together, which he calls "Jam in the Minivan." Aside from being a pretty hilarious idea, it also shows off his serious singing skills.

Mel Taevin, Indie Rock

Mel's profile oozes cool, DGAF vibes. Her posts show off all sorts of different hairstyles and unique camera angles.

Michael Todd, Singer-Songwriter

Michael's bio says he's a "rockstar, fitness enthusiast, and coffee addict." Between his gym selfies and photos with his guitar, fans could probably figure out the first two on their own.

Natascha Bessez, Pop

Natascha is another contestant who started Listen To Your Heart with a verified Instagram account. As you can tell from her profile, she's not afraid to put herself out there to get the perfect music video shot.

Ruby Jane, Indie Pop

Ruby rocks a short pink bob and posts lots of videos of her playing her guitar and violin. It's clear she loves music, so it's no wonder she's on Listen To Your Heart.

Rudi, R&B and Pop

Rudi doesn't use her last name on social media, which is honestly a pretty cool branding idea. She has a perky personality and some killer dance moves, which she isn't afraid to show off on TikTok and Instagram.

Russell Johnson, American Folk

Russell's bio says he's not only a musician, but also an actor and stunt performer. He's shared a few photos from his martial arts academy to show off where he gets some of his athletic skill. If you want to see him sing, there's also plenty of musical videos on his profile too.

Ryan Neal, Jazz, Funk, Pop, and R&B

Ryan shows off a much different type of music than many of his LTYH castmates. Tons of videos on his Instagram page feature him making his own beats using a keyboard and his computer.

Savannah McKinley, Acoustic Pop

Savannah is not only a musician, but she's a model as well, and her Instagram proves it. She's walked in a fashion show and struck some fierce poses all over the world.

Sheridan Reed, R&B Soul Pop

Sheridan's love for music is evident all throughout his profile. His cool, alternative vibe comes through in his many posts of him singing, performing, or posing with his guitar.

Trevor Holmes, Country Pop

Trevor loves his guitar and his dog, and his verified Instagram account leaves no doubt about those two things. He's also no stranger to television; he auditioned on American Idol, and Katy Perry sure seemed impressed.

The Bachelor Presents: Listen To Your Heart continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.