The Lisa Frank Nail Art Trend Is Inspired By Everyone's Fave '90s Brand

by Kelsi Zimmerman

The beauty world loves a good nostalgic moment — and lately it seems like the '90s are the chosen decade to take inspiration from. The latest '90s-inspired trend to surface? The Lisa Frank nail art trend. That's right, nail artists are drawing inspiration from your favorite childhood school supplies and the results are so adorable.

On Friday, the official Lisa Frank Instagram account posted an image of a Lisa Frank-inspired mani done by nail artist Savannah Walker (@sweetandsavvynails). The post shows an intricately-designed manicure on acrylic oval-shaped nails, with a different design hand painted by the nail artist on each finger.

Each of the five different designs mirror what your favorite school binders from the '90s likely looked like. The entire mani depicts the most colorful moment from a seascape. On the thumb, there is a white seal with pink, purple, and black leopard spots with colorful seaweed stemming from the cuticle. On the middle finger, there is a rainbow in the background with a teal, pink, and purple dolphin jumping out of the water, that looks like it is playing with the light blue and purple seal that is shown coming out of the water on the ring finger. The index and pinky fingers show both ends of a rainbow over the sea — with of course, the prettiest, brightest hues.

According to the nail artist's Instagram, it took her a total of seven hours to paint the entire set of nails. And while seven hours might seem like a lot of time to work on a manicure, when you look closely at all of the meticulously-designed, detail-oriented nails, you can tell that the artist definitely took her time and paid very close attention to detail.

Savannah Walker's Lisa Frank nail art isn't the only beauty trend that has been inspired by the brand's bright, playful designs. Just take a look at the Lisa Frank Instagram feed and you'll see that the brand has reposted images of things like hair colors, styles, makeup, and tattoos that were all inspired by the 90s-favorite.

The brand also shared an image of singer J Balvin's Lisa Frank-inspired hair that he rocked at Coachella, that was done by hair stylist Janine Ker. The stylist colored Balvin's buzz cut shades of neon pink, yellow, and green, and then painted leopard spots that were filled in with darker shades of pink, orange, and purple.

Scrolling down the Lisa Frank Instagram page a little more, you'll also spot looks like boxer braids inspired by the brand, and a shoulder tattoo featuring the notorious Lisa Frank tiger surrounded by neon leopard print. Needless to say, there's a ton of beauty inspo ideas to be drawn from Lisa Frank products.

Considering we've already seen Lisa Frank-themed makeup palettes and tools, could Lisa Frank nail wraps or stickers be the next big thing to hit the beauty market? Given everyone's love for '90s nostalgia and all things Lisa Frank, I see it as a very likely possibility.