A H&M x Lee denim-filled outfit.

H&M Teamed Up With Lee For An Innovative Line Of Sustainable Denim

Courtest of H&M

There are few occasions where jeans aren't welcome. And TBH, if I could spend every day of my life in some kind of denim, I think I'd be the happiest person in the world. However, the durable material isn't generally the most environmentally-friendly fabric out there... until now. H&M and Lee created a sustainable denim line that's out now. With a collection of throwback '90s styles, this collaboration is about to up your denim game from top to bottom.

Lee denim has been around since 1889, starting with a focus on workwear before eventually becoming a must-have brand from the '50s through now. But, the brand is now taking a huge step into the future of jeans with H&M. Alongside the either brand's first-ever, 100% recycled jeans, there are also cotton-free denim pieces made entirely from renewable fibers, water-saving dyes, and other low-impact styles. And, you can get the full scoop on H&M's website. Every product description details its CO2 emissions, energy use, and consumption, proving both retailers are taking conscious shopping to the next level.

This collection includes every kind of denim you could want. There is a vintage rider jacket, myriad jean fits, overalls, and even corsets. You can go down the Canadian tuxedo route or settle for something more befitting of a '90s popstar, depending on where you denim mood takes you on any given day. I, personally, can't wait to get my hands on a new pair of overalls to get that painterly look.

“We just loved working with Lee to push for change. A change for more sustainable and circular denim garments," Jon Loman, a designer at H&M, said in a press release. "We looked at every detail and challenged each other in a positive way. It’s also amazing to work with Lee’s iconic designs and give them a bit of our flavor, for H&M denim lovers around the world." If you can't wait to check out more, below is a selection of Lee and H&M's sustainable collab.

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