The 'Jersey Shore' Cast Had Their Biggest Bar Fight Ever On 'Family Vacation' This Week


The Jersey Shore cast is no stranger to public fights, but the reboot series Family Vacation has shown that those aggressive, punch-throwing days are mostly in the past for them... "mostly" being the key word. In this week's new episode of Family Vacation, the Jersey Shore cast had their biggest bar fight ever, with pretty much everyone getting involved in a really tense situation.

Before all the nastiness, this Thursday's new episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation actually started out with some very sweet family bonding. Snooki filled the back yard with a ton of inflatable toys so the crew could relive their childhood, and of course, the games also got competitive when Vinny and Angelina decided to fight it out in a ball game. The competition actually seemed to finally bring the two Staten Island natives together after their really uncomfortable tension for the past several episodes.

But things turned sour when the men and women of the house split up for their respective boys and girls nights out. The boys' night was actually incredibly tame since the club they went to was having a country western night, which is not exactly guido-approved. So instead of dancing and picking up girls, they guys just ate a ton of ice cream. The girls' night was definitely not that uneventful, though. As Snooki, JWoww, Deena, and Angelina were leaving a wine bar, Deena overheard a man at the bar saying that all the girls looked fat. Thankfully, JWoww was there to talk some sense into this fat-shaming douche. JWoww confronted the man about his comment, which just escalated into an even bigger fight, but JWoww stopped herself and walked out before it got physical.

Did you think that was the end of it? Nope! The next night, the whole crew went out to dinner together, and sitting at the restaurant's bar was none other than the rude guy who insulted the women. It becomes super clear that this dude wants to provoke some sort of fight for whatever reason, as he walks over to the table and starts talking to Mike... the one member of the cast who really can't do anything since he is on federal probation right now. And things get even worse when Angelina notices that a nemesis of hers is actually with this horrible guy at the bar.

To avoid any more conflict, the groups heads to the upstairs bar, but of course, this fight-hungry hater follows them and flips them off. That's when it starts to go down. Pauly D bursts from his seat and begins screaming in the guy's face until hordes of security people take the man away. But Ronnie picked the worst possible time for a bathroom break, because he missed Pauly's screaming and was downstairs where security took the new Jersey Shore villain. Still trying to pick a fight, the guy starts bullying Ronnie, calling him poor, short... anything to set him off. As we all know, you do not have to try all that hard to set Ronnie off, so he gets his wish pretty quickly. Ronnie hands his chain to his housemates and tells the man to meet him outside for a fight.

But the guy never comes outside. Instead, Angelina's enemy (remember her?) comes out and starts screaming insults at Angelina, which provokes a physical altercation between the two. Oh, and now JWoww has heard about this fight and she comes outside to hurl a water bottle at Angelina's hater. Basically, everyone is caught up in some massive fight right now, and then... the episode ends!? What!? Sadly, we have to wait another whole week before we see how this fight ends.