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Tonight's New Moon Is About Making The World A Better Place


Of all the phases in the lunar cycle, the new moon will always be my favorite. As the moon hides behind the shadow of the night, it provides you with a clean slate upon which you can begin something new. Symbolizing a moment of release and renewal, a new moon is about letting go of the past and setting your sights on the future. It's the best time to start over and get pumped about what's to come. The January 2020 new moon, in particular, is here, so start planning your rituals and reconsidering your goals. This new moon is one you won't want to miss.

Taking place in worldly, humanitarian, and radical Aquarius, this new moon is about breaking down self-inflicted barriers, paving the way for others, and acknowledging what makes you unique. Join forces with people who share the same beliefs as you do and watch how your combined efforts build over time. Don't be afraid of going against the grain, because you are an irreplaceable diamond that can't help but stand out. Dulling your shine in order to fit in only hinders your power. By harnessing your most authentic and honest self, you are only inspiring others to do the same, thereby contributing to a world that values freedom and respect above all. The main advice to take away from this new moon: Be yourself. You'll never regret it.

Whatever you begin on a new moon will reach a conclusion six months later, when the corresponding full moon takes place. Set your intentions, make your choices, and watch how they all play out by the time the full moon in Aquarius radiates throughout the sky on Aug. 3 at 11:59 p.m. ET. However, there's no point in thinking that far ahead now. In the meantime, put your best foot forward. What have you got to lose?

The New Moon In Aquarius Takes Place Jan. 24 At 4:42 p.m. ET


While the energy that surrounds this new moon is unsteady and unsettling, it's incredibly motivating. Keep in mind that it is through strife that you will learn the most, so even if this new moon feels rather confronting, you are also being pushed out of your comfort zone. As the new moon forms a square to rebellious Uranus, you may feel pressed to break the rules, establish your independence, and follow your instincts. While this can lead to abrupt changes, it's giving you a necessary nudge in the right direction.

Your relationships might also be hit with uncertainty, especially as Venus — planet of love — squares off with Mars — planet of aggression. This can lead to heated arguments, conflicting perspectives, and a whole lot of passion. The strongest relationships won't break over one spat, but this intensity could rock a connection that may be superficial at best. Take everything with a grain of salt and try not to take such conflicts personally. Resentments may simply be reaching a boiling point, making this an excellent time to respectfully clear the air.

If you can get past all the drama, this new moon can actually enrich your current relationships and invite new ones into the mix. As Venus forms a sextile with expansive and hopeful Jupiter, social circles are radiating positive energy and encouraging new members. Reach out to others, focus on the bright side, and don't be afraid of introducing yourself to someone who catches your eye. The friends you make during this new moon are incredibly significant and will likely teach you so much.