Just 20 Thirst Tweets About John Krasinski, Because Have You Seen Him Lately? 

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I don't know if you've heard, but the internet has learned that John Krasinski is smoking hot. I know what you're thinking. "Duh, I've been knowing about JK's hotness since season one of The Office." That's the right answer, but even if the rest of the world was late, at least they've finally caught on, because he is a bonafide hottie. The tipping point seems to be the confluence of two events: the release of A Quiet Place (which, BTW, is fantastic) and his growing of an epic beard. The result: The internet is thirsty over John Krasinski, and if you don’t believe me, just head over to Twitter to witness him break the internet.

Normally, I'm not one for crushing on celebs. I can admire their work and find them really attractive, but the idea of tagging then in a tweet to let them now they can "get it" is a bridge too far for me. That being said, if I were going to do something like that, well, John Krasinski might be the one. Like say, if he and Emily Blunt wanted to open things up, I wouldn't be mad about getting in there. I'm just sayin'. Offer’s on the table, your move John and Emily. But I digress.

It turns out I'm definitely not alone in my feelings. There are plenty of folks online who are not being shy about their feelings or declaring them for the world to see. Y'all know these tweets are public, right? They range from sweet and admiring, to, well, kinda creepy. But hey, the thirst, and the struggle, is real. Here's what people are tweeting about John, and his glorious facial hair.

John’s Got The Internet Feeling A Certain Type Of Way

If you do ending up finding link make sure to “@“ me.

Big mood.

Witness The Power Of A Really Good Beard To Drive The Masses Wild
Some People Are Acting Like "A Quiet Place" Is The First Time They Knew John Was Hot

Listen I get it, this movie is incredible and John is amazing in it. Plus he’s all lumberjack-ed. (Emphasis on the jacked.) But really, you didn’t already know he was hot?

While Other People Realize The Undeniable Truth: John Krasinski Has Always Been Fire

Jim Halpert was pretty much the most crushable character in all of television history, so I’m happy to see I’m not alone in feeling like, “Where have y’all been? He’s been a hottie since 2005!” Way to take up the cause, Jim stans.

People Have Some Very Specific Ideas About What They'd Like To Do To John

People on the internet are having some very dirty thoughts about John and they are not afraid to let the world know exactly what's on their minds. I can't decide if I'm impressed, or worried for the wellbeing of John's handsome beardy face, that I'd really like to... Oh god, Krasinski madness is spreading. Consider yourself warned.

What’s The Thirst Equivalent Of Being Hangry?

There is a psychological phenomenon called “cuteness aggression” where something is just so adorable it makes you want to turn violent. (Think squeezing an adorable baby’s cheek or bear hugs.) Things are about to take an aggressive turn.

Ok, wow, this is starting to get a little weird, right?

No! Too far. You've crossed the line. Dial it back momma.

And Finally Someone Mentions What Really Matters

I think the only person I’m even more into than John, in this situation, is his wifey. So, same girl, same.

What did I tell you? The thirst is real! It may have taken until 2018 to get here but I'm happy to see that the rest of the world is finally giving John the heartthrob status he has always deserved.

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