The Performance Of "Imagine" At The Olympics Opening Ceremony Was Seriously Everything


If you made a point to wake up a little extra early, in time for the 2018 Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony, then you've been lucky enough to witness so many seriously dope things. From getting the opportunity to see North Korea and South Korea walk under one flag, to catching a sweat-inducing glimpse of the shirtless and (always shiny) Tongan flag bearer, there really are some once in a lifetime sights to see. But one particularly notable thing that happened was the "Imagine" cover at the Olympics Opening Ceremony of John Lennon's "Imagine," and it was legitimately so moving.

Around 8 a.m. EST, four K-pop singers quite literally stole the stage, as they performed an earth-shattering cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" after the end of the Parade of Nations. Each of the lead singers were from different popular K-Pop groups, called Deulgukhwa, Bolbbalgan4, and Guckkasten. The performance all featured solo singer, Lee Eun Mi. Each singer passed the microphone back and fourth to one another as they switched off their verse, and the vibe was so emotional, that I really couldn't handle all of the feels. While each singer was clearly hella passionate singing the 1971 hit, dancers then proceeded to surround the four of them mid-performance, waving candles. The dancers were perfectly timed, and in all honesty, the song was pulled off remarkably. *Royal claps.*

At the very end of the song, the four singers released what appeared to be a dove balloon, and images of white doves began flooding the walls of the stadium. As doves symbolize peace and love, this clearly attested to the unity, as well as the hope for peace, that Korea, as well as the rest of the world, is currently striving for. It definitely emitted some good vibes for the rest of the Winter Olympic Games, and it personally gave me high hopes. If you didn't get to watch the performance, it'll probably be on Twitter later, but watching it live was seriously unreal.

Some on Twitter provided the performance with nonstop praise, while others were unhappy with the singing, and the fact that the song contradicted the fact that the Parade of Nations, as the song hopes for "the world to be as one."

I was personally into the K-Pop singers' overall performance. Each of the singers sounded great, they were really into it, and all of it looked beautiful from where I'm sitting. All I can say is that I agree with each and every one of these "Imagine" cover supporters, because I love the song, and felt that it was most definitely an appropriate choice, in addition to the dove symbolism.

To all of the nay-sayers, to each their own. Whether you weren't a fan of the singing, or if you didn't feel like "Imagine" was a good choice for the Olympic Opening Ceremony, all I can say is "you do you." It was pretty different from the song we're used to hearing, but the John Lennon sentiment was a beautiful idea and the singers sounded great.

Many viewers were super invested into the performance, because each of the brave singers were clearly animated and moved by what they were singing while performing John Lennon's "Imagine." Others, however, felt that the song had inappropriate timing, while many weren't fans of the style. Either way, the doves at the end were awesome, and the visuals were undeniably remarkable. It personally got me beyond pumped to see the rest of the Winter Olympic Games, because there's no denying that it got many of us singing, or at least swaying, in unity. And that's really what they were ultimately going for, with the performance.