Huda Beauty's New Matte & Metal Melted Shadows Will Inspire Your Whole Summer Beauty Mood

Stephanie Montes

Last December, Huda Beauty announced the launch of their brand-new product, a dual-ended liquid eyeshadow called Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows. On one side, you get a bright-colored matte and the other features a shimmery metallic shade to complement its counterpart. The shade range initially included pinky hues, red-toned shades, and champagne shimmers, but on February 15, the brand will roll out five more even bolder shades in the set. I got my hands on the release early and documented my own Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows review. And as an added bonus, I received an in-person application lesson from Mona Kattan, herself, so you're in for some serious pro tips.

Let's start with the new shades:

Wednesday & Froyo: This sorbet-inspired baby pink matte and silvery pink glitter will have you feeling pretty in pink every day of the week.

Minted & Dinero: Make it rain with this mint-colored matte, paired with a universally flattering silvery mint glitter.

Double-Pump Latte & Drop Top: Wearable enough to rock on your morning coffee run, this duo is made up of a sun-kissed tan matte with gilded bronze glitter.

Limelight & Gold Chains: For those who live in the limelight, this lime-tinged yellow matte, paired with a sunshine glitter, is sure to turn heads.

Room Service & Do Not Disturb: This terracotta brown matte paired with a metallic rose gold shimmer might put you in the mood to stay in and take selfies.

Courtesy of Huda Beauty

When I arrived at Mona's glamorous Beverly Hills suite, she had a whole setup ready with glam stations dripping in the new Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows shades. I instantly gravitated to the Minted & Dinero duo. Totally intimidated (both by the liquid formula and Mona watching me), she coached me through it all. Here are the steps she gave me:

Stephanie Montes

Step 1: Use the matte side to dot three dots directly onto your lid (primer is built in, so don't worry about skipping that step). This side features a doe-foot applicator, like most lip glosses.

Step 2: Hurry up and blend using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. The formula dries really quickly and once it's dry, it sets for 12 hours. However, it's surprisingly blendable and goes on so smooth, then dries to a powdery finish.

Step 3: Build up the pigment. You can go as bold as you want here, but luckily each layer goes on as smooth as the last. I applied three layers for the super pigmented look above.

Step 4: Add shimmer. This side features a brush applicator, which really packs on the shine, but I wanted a subtle shine on my inner corners, so I opted for an eyeshadow brush to blend. The model at the party used the shadow applicator to cover her entire lid and she was left with this pretty wet-looking lid.

It's so versatile.

I was so inspired by the glitter lid that I did my own using the Wednesday & Froyo duo. Them I even used Limelight as a bright eyeliner and Gold Chains as an inner corner highlight. I'll tell you one thing: They're versatile. Even without any other makeup, they looked cool and took no more than four minutes to create full eyeshadow looks.

Stephanie Montes

Sure, it's cute AF, but does it last 12 hours?

The above picture from the event was taken at 10 a.m., but by the time I went to bed at midnight, my blue-green eye was just as bold as the moment I applied it 14 hours prior. And this part I'm not proud of, but I even fell asleep in my makeup and woke up to color on my lids. At this point, it was a lighter shade of mint, but I sleep on my face and usually any traces of makeup are no match for my pillowcase.

Stephanie Montes

Get your hands on these Huda Beauty Matte & Metal Melted Shadows ($25; today, Friday, February 15 and you'll be rocking a bold waterproof, party-proof makeup look by the weekend.