You Can Get A "Hair Flip" Wig To Create Your Own Waterfall IG Pics Without Leaving Home

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Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and "liked" a post that you actually hate? I'm talking about those gorgeous vacation photos and too-good-to-be-true latte art pics. If so, rest assured that knows the feeling. In fact, the company calls the action of liking a picture that you're sorta jealous of "Hate-Liking." Apparently, wants to turn the tables and make you the one that's being Hate-Liked. To make it happen, the Hate-Like Boutique by is selling Insta-worthy props that'll totally impress your followers.

I'm not kidding:'s Hate-Like Boutique is an actual online store that's selling different props that'll take your Instagram posts the the next level. The company is selling three props in particular, and you've probably seen IG posts that feature them IRL. Those props include the Latte Screens, a Love Lock Fence, and a Hair Flip Wig. I'll get into each prop in detail — but first, let's talk about how you can access the store.

In order to start shopping on's Hate-Like Boutique, head to the official Hate-Like Boutique website. Once you're there, hit "SHOP NOW." That'll take you to a list of all three products that you can buy and use for Instagram.

The first Hate-Like Boutique products that I'll discuss are the Latte Screens. In my opinion, impressive latte art is worthy of all the likes, which is why this prop is so useful. According to the boutique, one pack includes a leaf design, a palm tree design, and a heart design. You can buy a three-pack of Latte Screens for $2.99.

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If you're into traveling (but haven't booked your next vacay to Paris yet), you might be into the Love Lock Fence. The "fence" — which mimics the actual love locks fence at Pont des Arts — comes with an iron fence frame, a lock, and a permanent marker (so you can write you and bae's name on it). If you buy it, you can hold the fence a city backdrop and spread the #wanderlust. The Love Lock Fence costs $4.99 at the Hate-Like Boutique.

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The last Insta-worthy product on the Hate-Like Boutique's website is the famous Hair Flip Wig. Now, you don't have to actually visit a tropical island or make a splash in the pool to pull off the like-worthy look. Instead, you can put the Hair Flip Wig on, pose in front of whichever scene you choose (maybe a nice waterfall?), and then snap a photo.

FYI, the wig only comes in one color (brunette). So if you currently have a different hair color, you might want to tell your followers that you dyed it for your "tropical vacay."

The Hair Flip Wig currently costs $8.99, making it the priciest of all the props.

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Don't worry too much about the price, though. According to, you can use the code "HATELIKE" at checkout to get all three products for free (!!!). They'll only be available while supplies last, but will be restocking periodically, per the company.

With that being said, put your wallet down and start planning your next Instagram photos (curtesy of the Hate-Like Boutique, of course).