There's A Wild Post-Credit Scene In 'Halloween,' So Make Sure To Stay In Your Seat

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We have Marvel Studios to thank for revitalizing the trend of post-credit scenes at the end of epic thriller and action movies. If you're watching something that always has room for a continuation, you should know by now to stick around until the credits finish rolling for a clue about what could come next. As it's the sequel of a classic 1970s horror film, Halloween isn't quite what you'd expect to include these sneaky scenes, but the Halloween post-credit scene has a creepy twist that definitely fits in with the typical mold of bonus footage. This post contains spoilers for Halloween.

Pretending that the original film's sequels never actually occurred, Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode, who was the teen babysitter that serial killer Michael Myers (Nick Castle) targeted in the 1978 movie. Laurie escaped his clutches back then, but in 2018, Michael is now back to avenge her getaway from his killing spree. Now a mother and grandmother, Laurie has always struggled with PTSD after her experience with Michael, spending decades preparing herself for his possible violent return. When another Halloween night approaches, Michael has escaped from his psychiatric asylum, and Laurie must utilize her lifelong training to protect herself and her family from him.

By the end of the film, the trio of Strode women seemingly manages to defeat Michael's attempts at another suburban massacre, but nothing is that simple in the horror genre. While the slasher flick doesn't contain the traditional perception of a post-credit scene, it does set up a possible storyline for another Halloween movie. If you hang out in the theater until the very end of the credits, you'll hear Michael Myers' heaving breathing, which is always emphasized because he wears a mask. Although the end of the movie shows Michael trapped in the house fire that Laurie triggers, the key takeaway of the Halloween franchise is that nothing is set in stone, particularly Michael's fate. Could the post-credit sounds of Michael's breathing mean that another movie is on its way?

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The ambiguity surrounding the villain's fate stood out to early viewers of the film, and these fans took to Twitter with questions about whether or not Michael Myers really survived. ICYMI, the character has a bit of a tendency to survive quite deadly situations.

Making her first Halloween franchise appearance since 2002's Halloween: Resurrection, Curtis has danced around discussing future additions to Laurie's story, bringing the focus back to the new film marking the original's 40th anniversary. However, returning to her iconic character has understandably come with emotional baggage. The actress told Entertainment Tonight:

If it wasn’t for Laurie Strode, I don’t think I’d be standing here with you today. It was the most singular moment of my professional career... The expectations now are enormous, but I believe we all started this movie and said, ‘Forget the expectations, let’s make a movie and if the movie is great, it’ll do great.'

So according to that post-credits clue, Michael Myers might still be on the loose, but for now, we should just appreciate having a spooky new tale to watch this Halloween season. But, y'know, steer clear of any heavy breathing you may hear out of the blue.

Halloween is in theaters now.