These Are The Main Differences You’ll Notice Between The Samsung Note 9 & iPhone X

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 made it's big debut on Thursday, Aug. 9. The new device comes with a bevy of fancy new features, but how does it stack up against Apple's iPhone X? If you are thinking about making the switch from the iPhone X to the Galaxy Note 9, there are a several distinctions between the two mobile devices. Here's how the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 compares to Apple's iPhone X.

The Galaxy Note 9 is a brand new smartphone from Samsung. The screen on the Note 9 is the same size as previous renditions of the device. The iPhone X features 5.8 inches of screen space, as compared to the Galaxy Note 9, which has a screen size of 6.4 inches. It's the biggest screen ever offered on a Galaxy Note. The larger surface is just the tipping point for the Galaxy Note 9. The latest Android phablet features a yellow-colored S Pen. The S Pen supports Bluetooth, so it functions as a remote control for the Galaxy Note 9. You can use it to scroll through photos, take a selfie on Snapchat, as well as play YouTube videos without getting those pesky fingerprint smudges on your screen.

The iPhone X does not come with its own stylus and Apple does not currently produce one. That could change with the release of the next iPhone, though. According to CNET, there are rumors that the next iPhone will come with an iPen.

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For the most part, the overall design of the Note 9 seems to be very similar to the Note 8 in terms of buttons, sensors and headphone slot. With the release of the iPhone X, Apple did away with the headphone jack and went strictly to bluetooth headphones. The Galaxy Note 9 comes in four colors including Midnight Black, Ocean Blue, Lavender Purple, and Metallic Copper. Whereas, the iPhone X's color options are more limited. Apple's latest mobile device only comes in Silver or Space Gray as possible color choices.

The camera on the Galaxy Note 9 camera has been reimagined. The Galaxy Note 9 features a dial-lens smartphone. In photos, it's all about the lighting. The Galaxy Note 9's camera that adapts to your environment. If you're trying to get a perfect night shot, the aperture will automatically open up to take in more light. Your photo game is about to be changed for good, because Samsung's Note 9 camera is about as close as you can get to a professional camera.

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It's also got a super-sized, dual-picture image sensor that comes with the ability to capture super slow motion video. Samsung knows it can be hard to get the perfect shot on the first try. That's why they've added in a smart feature that tells you when someone in the photo blinked or moved. Additionally, the Galaxy Note 9 camera offers scene recognition, so it optimizes color tones of every photo you take. Your pics will be ready for Instagram without any additional edits. The iPhone X has dual-lens camera, which is what helps the customer-favorite portrait mode make pictures look so sharp, per Time. The iPhone X also offers slow motion video, as well as time lapse and panoramic shooting modes.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is also built with an advanced water carbon cooling system. This will help your device run smoothly even when you are playing the most intense phone games. At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung said this special technology makes it so "your phone works for you, giving you the performance that you need." I definitely agree with that statement.

Now for the part I know you've been waiting for. How much is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 going to cost? If you've stayed up on any of the latest Apple news, you know the iPhone X isn't cheap. Well, neither is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. According to TechRadar, the Note 9 will likely start at $929 depending on the model. At the Aug. 9 event, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Note 9 will come with 512GB of internal memory and 1TB of expandable memory. For a phone of its caliber, that price point is to be expected. It's not all that far off from the cost of the iPhone X. Apple's latest mobile device comes in a 64 GB size for $999 and a 256 GB size for $1,149.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the iPhone X are water resistant.

For now, Samsung seems to be staying ahead of Apple by disclosing the Galaxy Note 9 in early August. The Note 9 will be available for purchase online and in stores starting on Friday, Aug. 24. Apple typically waits until September to new products like the impending new iPhone. Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Apple's iPhone X offer tremendous features, so the decision is in your hands (literally).