These Were The Funniest Super Bowl Commercials & They're Actually Pretty Good

Bud Light

While watching the Super Bowl is kind of an obligation as a functioning member of American society, one of the main reasons why many of us actually watch it is because of the unforgettable, state-of-the-art commercials. There were some tearjerkers (don't even look at me, Nationwide), a couple that were totally cringeworthy (ugh, Go Daddy, please don't show us anymore weird makeout sessions), and, most importantly, there were several that literally make me die laughing (Skittles, I'm really rooting for you this year). So, make sure to check out these funny 2018 Super Bowl commercials, because they seriously make sitting through a four-hour-long football game totally worth it.

As a former communications major, I always learned that Super Bowl commercials were so creative because they really aimed for a certain kind of "wow" factor. And, if you think about it, that's what really makes the perfect, memorable ad. So, in case you didn't get to watch these inventive AF commercials live, or if you just want to watch them again and again, I've organized each Super Bowl commercial based on their humor category... because if you can't tell, I'm hella into this.

The Absurdly Funny

There are a few ads that totally just make you laugh because the premise is so ridiculous, for example, Sprint's unforgettable 2017 Super Bowl commercial, where a guy fakes his own death to get out of a Verizon contract. And, the extra-shocking ones are totally my jam, like Mountain Dew's 2016 Puppy Monkey Baby, which was absolutely groundbreaking. The plots of these ads are absurdly smart, they're so witty, and all of them are by far the most memorable. Anyway, here are some of the most downright hilarious ads, that may have you wanting to virtually cover your mom's eyes... because honestly, they're so damn weird.

Ram Trucks' "Vikings Boat Tow"

E-Trade's "This is Getting Old"

Bud Light's "Bud Knight"

Alexa Loses Her Voice

Bleep Don't Stink (Febreze)

Do the Math and Switch To Sprint

Wendy's "Our Beef Is..." Ad

The Funniest Celebs

Some of these ads are just so freaking perfect because of whichever celeb the brand was able to snag as a spokesperson (remember Stephen Colbert's legendary Wonderful Pistachios ads?). Many of them are also based on upcoming television shows, movies, or video games (if you remember, 2017's World of Tanks ad, which spoofed all bad reality television). These are the types of beautifully curated ads that will quite literally stick to the inside of my brain for years of Super Bowls to come, because I'll always associate the random celeb, movie, etc. to that specific brand. TBH, I really never want to stop thinking of Colbert as a little green nut. So that's great.

Tiffany Haddish's Groupon Ad

Haley Magnus for Diet Coke

Keegan-Michael Key for Rocket Mortgage

Steven Tyler for the 2018 Kia Stinger

Peter Dinklage, Busta Rhymes, Morgan Freeman. and Missy Elliot for Doritos Blaze and Mountain Dew Ice

Peyton Manning for Orlando Universal Studios

Chris Pratt for Michelob ULTRA

Cindy Crawford for Pepsi

Bill Hader for Pringles

Danny DeVito for M&Ms

Chris Elliot for Avocados from Mexico

David Harbour for Tide

While many of these ads may shock you into uncomfortable laughter, others have the weirdest plot lines, and some are just so cute I can't help but laugh. And, several of them are just so great because of who they were able to snag to represent the brand. Either way, this year's Super Bowl brought some really incredible ads, and the funniest ones are by far my favorites. Whether it's because of a certain It's Always Sunny character portraying the red M&M, or if its a nonsensical cheer like Bud Light's new masterpiece slogan, "Dilly Dilly," we can always count on the entertaining AF commercials to get us through those long hours of Super Bowl football.

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