April's Full Pink Moon In Libra Might Come With Some Much-Needed Clarity & Here's Why

by Valerie Mesa

On April 19, the day before a new astrological season kicks off, there will be a whimsical full moon in the eloquent sign of Libra — for a second time in a row — and April's full pink moon in Libra will likely bring you the clarity you've so desperately been seeking, especially when it comes to your current partnerships and one-on-one connections. But before you get too excited about what's to come, there's a lot more to this cardinal air sign than you think, so let's take a deeper look.

The essence of harmony-loving Libra epitomizes the meaning of balance, compromise, and general relatability. It's no wonder those born under the charming sign of the scales would much rather be in a relationship than live the single life. Luscious Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, and relationships, hence their elegance, poise, and irresistible charisma. Although, given that Libra is an air sign, its Venusian charms typically shine via their justice-seeking personality and one-on-one conversations. To make matters even more interesting, Libra's qualities are in opposition of Taurus, an earth sign and child of Aphrodite, who exudes a Venusian beauty in the physical form.

During a full moon, the moon sits directly opposite the sun. It's a symbol of both feminine and masculine energies, not to mention a call for a balance. Libra's cardinal air deeply resonates with this spiritual equilibrium, but JSYK, seeing two full moons in a row in the same sign is not c ommon. In fact, it's pretty rare.

Full Pink Moon In Libra: Friday, April 19, 2019

This is the second full moon in the sign of the scales, as the first took place last month during the spring equinox. This lunation will sit at 29 degrees Libra, which also happens to be the final degree. (The 29th degree of a zodiac sign is a critical degree, as it's equivalent to one last hoorah in a zodiac sign's lifespan.) In my experience studying astrology, whichever planet occupies this critical degree will naturally express itself through the zodiac sign's most elevated state. This is a big deal, and it doesn't end there.

During the last full moon in Libra, the sun was traveling through zero degrees Aries, and the moon was at zero degrees Libra. (Zero is also considered a critical degree in astrology, as it's the very beginning of a zodiac sign's life cycle.) The first full moon peaked at zero degrees, and this upcoming full moon will peak at 29 degrees, which means they represent two opposite sides of the spectrum.

Justice And Relationship Epiphanies

Think back to the first full moon in Libra on March 20, especially when it comes to your relationships and committed unions. What's evolved within you, and within your partnerships, since? With the sun in Aries opposing the full moon in Libra, (both in critical degrees) there is intense cardinal energy coming forth during this lunation. Aries is a symbol of our identity and inner warrior, while Libra epitomizes that of balance and compromise.

It's likely this lunation will shed light on the way you integrate yourself into the lives of others, and vise versa. Themes related to "I versus we" will be very prominent during this time. With spontaneous Uranus sitting close to the sun, this lunation might very well bring us face-to-face with some shocking revelations and unexpected surprises. Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node are also hovering over serious Capricorn, so it's safe to say, justice will be served. Get ready for whatever's coming.