Eve Faces New, Adult Problems In The First Full Trailer For 'Life-Size 2'


Everyone's favorite doll is coming back to life again, but this time she is facing a whole new set of problems in the human world. Entertainment Tonight just unveiled the full Life-Size 2 trailer, and it shows Tyra Banks revisiting her iconic character of the doll-come-to-life Eve. It is also packed with a ton of jokes, fashion, and new details about the highly anticipated sequel, which is set to premiere in less than a month on Freeform.

The newly released trailer shows Eve as energetic as ever, only this time she is brought to life to help out a new extra-special friend: a young woman named Grace, played by Grown-ish star Francia Raisa. Just like Lindsay Lohan's character Casey in the 2000 original movie, Grace is not very welcoming of her newly enlivened Eve doll at first. In the trailer, we see Eve obliviously pushing Grace's buttons by referring to her by her mom's nickname for her and chugging a dish of butter at brunch. Not to mention, she tries to pay for a shopping spree with her giant plastic toy credit card.

The trailer is also chock-full of outrageous fashions, as Eve tries on a number of glamorous, eye-catching outfits fit for a doll. And, there is even an unexpected bit of steaminess as a man hits on Eve and she invites him to be her extra-special friend... with a little something extra implied. Check out the full trailer for the new movie below:

Life-Size 2 will center on Francia Raisa's character of Grace, who finds herself as the 25-year-old CEO of her mother's toy successful company Marathon Toys, which became famous for manufacturing the Eve doll. Unfortunately, Grace does not seem up for the new responsibility: her wild-child lifestyle is plummeting stock in the company, which leads her to a "quarter life crisis." That's when Eve steps in to try to help realize that she can run the toy company if she puts her mind to it.

The full trailer comes directly after Life-Size 2 shared two teaser trailers to give fans a first look at the sequel. Last week, a quick clip showed Grace chanting the same spell that Casey chanted in the original Life-Size to bring her Eve doll to life. And earlier this week, Tyra Banks shared another brief teaser, which showed Eve worriedly communicating with another Eve doll from her home in Sunnyvale. The clip revealed that Grace's toy company will consider discontinuing the Eve doll, which threatens the lives of all the Eves in Sunnyvale.

Of course, one of the biggest questions that Life-Size fans have about this new movie is whether or not its original star Lindsay Lohan will appear. Tyra Banks has gone back and forth about Lohan's involvement in Life-Size 2 for a while, but sadly, now it looks like Lohan will likely not be showing up in the new movie. But, Banks did promise that "there's something beautiful ... with Lindsay" in Life-Size 2 that will speak to fans of the original.

Life-Size 2 will premiere on Dec. 2 on Freeform.