The Full 'Detective Pikachu' Trailer Brings More Pokémon To Life, Even Some Creepy Ones

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Pokemon fans were shocked when the first trailer for Detective Pikachu was released this past fall and it was filled with lifelike CGI recreations of the video game franchise's iconic characters. And now the upcoming movie has released its second full trailer, which has even more unexpected Pokemon coming to life. The new full Detective Pikachu trailer has some more cuddly creatures, but it also features some pretty creepy creations.

While the first Detective Pikachu trailer immersed fans in the Pokemon-filled world of Rhyme City, the newly released second trailer is all about the evil plot that trainer Tim (Justice Smith) and his partner Detective Pikachu (voiced by Ryan Reynolds) will be up against. As explained in the new trailer, Tim's dad has gone missing, and Pikachu theorizes that he may have faked his own death for some reason, so the pair set off to try to find him. Of course, the investigation takes them through the world of Pokemon, and as fans had suspected, the trailer confirms that the genetically engineered psychic Pokemon Mewtwo will be the villain of the movie. The trailer shows a Charizard and an vicious Aipom with purple eyes, seemingly possessed by Mewtwo, and it ends by finally showing fans a first look at how Mewtwo will look.

Check out the full trailer below:

The trailer is also packed with a bunch of Pokemon that were not shown in the first trailer. Fans will notice a Machamp helping people cross the street while a Snorlax lounges nearby, and a Blastoise battling a group of Gengars. But some of the new faces are more on the scary or creepy side... like a Lickitung unfurling its long tongue, or a Ludicolo working at a diner.

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There is also a particularly terrifying Aipom.

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And let's not forget the real star of the trailer: Mewtwo flies into the sky and menaces at the very end.

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The new trailer was accompanied by the reveal of the official Detective Pikachu movie poster.

The poster may seem like your basic movie poster at first glance, but fans were quick to realize that several Pokemon were hidden throughout the photo... including Mewtwo vaguely visibly in the background.

And if all that was not enough, there is even more good news for Detective Pikachu fans. The Hollywood Reporter recently confirmed that production on a Detective Pikachu sequel has already begun, so now we have a second movie to look forward to after this one comes out this summer. No details have yet been revealed about this upcoming sequel, except that it is being written by Oren Uziel. Uziel most recently worked on the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie, which is another big-screen video game adaptation that is drawing a lot of comparisons to Detective Pikachu.

For now, though, fans only have a few months left to wait before Detective Pikachu charges into movie theaters. The new movie is set to premiere on May 10.