The First 'Us' Trailer From Jordan Peele Will Seriously Give You Nightmares

Universal Pictures

As if Jordan Peele did not terrify us all enough last year with Get Out, he is back with another horror movie that honestly looks even more twisted and terrifying. Peele began teasing his new thriller Us a few months back by some sharing foreboding photos of scissors, but fans were left in the dark as to what the movie would actually be about. But now, we finally have our first look. The first Us trailer from Jordan Peele just dropped to give fans a first look at the upcoming horror flick, and it is way creepier than anyone could have predicted.

Horror fans have been dying to know what Jordan Peele's follow-up to Get Out would look like for almost two years now. Peele slowly began releasing details about the movie several months ago, confirming its title, cast members, and posting some disquieting imagery, but the actual plot of the movie has remained nebulous... until now. The newly released first trailer for Us explains the creepy meaning behind the film's short title.

The trailer introduces us to the Wilson family: Parents Gabe and Adelaide (Winston Duke and Lupita Nyong'o, who recently co-starred in Black Panther) are taking their children Zora (Shahadi Wright-Joseph) and Jason (Evan Alex) for a relaxing weekend at the beach in Adelaide's childhood home. There, they meet up with other vacationing friends played by Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker. But things quickly take a dark turn when four menacing strangers begin terrorizing the family. But the especially creepy part is that these four strangers look like exact clones of the four members of the Wilson family. Check out the terrifying trailer for Us below:

If this weren't a Jordan Peele movie, then this story concept may seem pretty straightforward: kill the clones before they kill you, right? But after Get Out wowed moviegoers as well as critics at the beginning of 2017 with its unexpected marriage of horror, sci-fi, humor, and a cutting insight into race relations in America, fans are expecting big things from Us. The trailer also introduces some mysteries that the movie can delve into, like why are the clones all so obsessed with those golden scissors, and what do all those bunnies have to do with everything?

The scissors are definitely going to be a major part of Us. The trailer shows that a specific pair of golden scissors seems to be the weapon of choice for the clones, which helps to illuminate the poster for Us that Jordan Peele tweeted out a few weeks ago. The poster simply shows someone holding these golden scissors.

Another enigmatic part of the trailer is the horde of bunny rabbits that hop around at the end. This could have to do with how these clones were made in the first place. Bunnies are one of the animals that scientists have used in cloning experiments. Of course, they are also often emblematic of reproduction. Hopefully, these bunnies will be part of a huge twist in Us that we won't see coming.

Us will hit theaters on March 15, 2019.