The First 'Mindhunter' Season 2 Trailer Will Seriously Give You The Creeps

by Ani Bundel

When Mindhunter arrived on Netflix back in October of 2017, it was a surprise sleeper hit for the streaming service. Set in the mid-1970s, it chronicled the early use of "criminal psychology" and "profiling" by the FBI. The show stars Jonathan Groff, Holt McCallany, and Anna Torv as the team of Holden Ford, Bill Tench, and Wendy Carr, who originated the now-commonly-accepted practice. It also featured a who's who of real-life criminals for them to interview. The first Mindhunter Season 2 trailer pushes the show forward into the 1980s while promising a new murderer's row of interviewees.

Based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit, the Mindhunter series had a long path to the small screen. Producers Charlize Theron and David Fincher optioned the book back in 2010, where it was put into a deal with Fox 21. But it never got off the ground. Finally, after five years, the project got snapped up by Netflix, who premiered the series two years later.

The first season featured actors playing several real-world serial killers and mass murderers of the late 1970s. They included Cameron Britton as Ed Kemper, Sam Strike as Montie Rissell, Happy Anderson as Jerry Brudos, and Jack Erdie as Richard Speck.

From the looks of the new trailer, Season 2 will feature some very famous names.

The trailer features Britton as Kemper, with Ford and Tench once again working together to catch a new killer. The rumor is this season revolves around apprehending the man behind the Atlanta Child Murders. It's a strange choice for the show's focus. Of the 29 victims, at least four or five were adults, and some reports have claimed one person may not have been responsible for all of them. Then, there was how the case was handled. Reports claim the Atlanta police force was slow to take the reports seriously.

Moreover, the man Atlanta police arrested, Wayne Williams, who was 23 at the time, insisted he was innocent. He was charged with two of the adult murders and is currently still serving two life terms, though he still maintains his innocence. The police closed the cases, leaving all the deaths of the children unsolved. In March 2019, it was announced the cases would be reopened.


Meanwhile, glimpses of some of the show's upcoming characters suggest a few new interviewees and suspects in the offering. There's unmistakably an image of Charles Manson, and another of the Son of Sam, aka David Berkowitz. There's also an image of the masked "BTK" Strangler.

Berkowitz was apprehended in 1977 and is exactly the kind of someone the team on the show would be interested in talking to. Manson was also in jail at this time. He might seem a strange for the era, as his arrest and conviction happened in 1971. But in 1981, he gave his first televised interview, on NBC's The Tomorrow Show, helping to cement himself into the popular consciousness.

Mindhunter Season 2 premieres on Netflix on Aug. 16, 2019.