The First 'GOT' Season 8 Clip Is Here, So Get Pumped

by Ani Bundel

HBO aired the finale to their summertime hit Sharp Objects over the weekend, the last big broadcast before the 2018-2019 TV season officially kicks in. With so many eyeballs tuning in to find out who killed the girls in Wind Gap, the network thought this was an excellent time to put out a trailer advertising everything to come in the next year. The video was only 90 seconds or so, but it featured everything from True Detective Season 3 to Big Little Lies Season 2 to the first Game of Thrones Season 8 clip.

It wasn't much for the Thrones faithful, but fans went wild anyway. There were plenty of Game of Thrones clips in the Coming Soon trailer as it was. It was just nearly all of it, including all the shots of Daenerys, Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, and Davos were taken from Season 7. Most of the images of the Starks were taken from Season 7 as well, save one.

It's only a three-second clip of footage fans hadn't seen before, but it raised questions and set off speculation nonetheless.

Check out the full trailer below. The three seconds of Season 8 comes at the 1:10 mark on the video.

The scene is Winterfell. It shows Jon Snow, King In The North, stepping up to Sansa Stark, the Lady of Winterfell, in a hug. Is it a greeting? Is it goodbye? Is this Jon's arrival home, with new Targaryen girlfriend and fire-breathing pets in tow? Or is this Jon's leavetaking, heading out to war against the Night King and his foes?

And what is Sansa looking at? Or, more likely, who is Sansa looking at?

The most obvious answer is she is either looking at Daenerys or her dragons, the strangers who are now standing at her brother's side. (It doesn't matter he's actually her cousin.) If this is his arrival home, Sansa is almost certainly asking herself if these are people who are trustworthy. As we know, Sansa worries about Jon's judgment, especially after how the Battle of the Bastards went down. Now he's back hanging out with Mad Queens and animals who roast babies for sport?

Let's check out the hard look in her eyes.

But there's another possibility. Sansa is looking at someone, but her look doesn't seem to be one of anger. Instead, Sansa could be looking over at Bran, her sibling who can see through time, and knows how this could end. Or perhaps, if Bran has told Sansa of Jon's real parents, she's looking at the man who is about to rock Jon's world to the core.

The other possibility is Arya. Sansa and Arya are thick as thieves now, and Jon's arrival isn't about to change that, even if Arya always was Jon's favorite.

If this is Jon coming home, Sansa could be looking at Arya as if to say "What are those?" about the dragons. But if this is Jon leaving, and Arya chooses to go with him, this could be Sansa looking to her sister, knowing it might be the last time they're all together once more.

As for what Sansa's really looking at, the answer will come when Game of Thrones Season 8 arrives in 2019.