The Fiorucci x Adidas Originals Collaboration Is Already Selling Out & It Hasn't Even Dropped Stateside Yet

Fiorucci x Adidas

A cult-favorite brand that folded in the late '80s is being revived in a seriously slick way and I, for one, can't wait to get my hands on one of its new pieces. Get excited, because a collaboration between Fiorucci x Adidas Originals is dropping stateside on May 10, subsequently giving the Italian label a second chance at sartorial domination. By the looks of it, it's poised to succeed. While Fiorucci officially relaunched in 2017 after years of irrelevance, this is the first major collaborative release the brand has done in its new era. What better company to partner up with on a collection of uber sleek streetwear than Adidas, the modern arbiter of cool?

In its heyday, Fiorucci was known for being the trendiest place to buy jeans, tee's emblazoned with the brand's signature angels, and all things camouflage. Founded in Italy in 1967, it drew inspirations from London and New York style and soon opened stores in both cities as it grew into a global phenomenon. Everyone from Madonna to Jackie O to Andy Warhol shopped the brand. While it it shuttered its stores in 1989 for a number of reasons it remained at the forefront of the fashion industry's consciousness for both its monumental success and it's iconic ads — this collaboration, therefore, is very exciting.

"Adidas Originals styles are super-charged with Fiorucci's loud, colorful freedom. The result is a limited-edition collection made for your summer," describes Adidas of the collaboration on their website. While it looks as if the lineup will include everything from graphic tees and punchy swimwear to totes, socks, shoes, and more based on photos, only a small selection of products are available to see within the collection preview. Even so, five of the eight items are already sold out (the collection already dropped abroad), so if you want a chance at scoring anything you better mark May 10 in your calendar now.

The items that are still available include three footwear styles, which will arrive in bright orange and red hues. First up is a summer-perfect Adilette pool slide ($60,, which boasts a vibrant tangerine sole and semi-transparent strap. "FIORUCCI" is spelled out in black across the two shoes.

Next up are the Falcon sneakers ($150, They reimagine the classic Adidas style via a fiery color way and Fiorucci branding, while pops of gunmetal glitter add an especially brilliant touch.

And finally, there are the Sambarose sneakers ($120, Featuring a glittery semi-transparent orange sole and bright red stripes and detailing, they're absolutely perfect for warm weather style.

The sole out items within the collection include a black vinyl track jacket and matching pants, a classic Fiorucci angel tee, a crewneck sweatshirt emblazoned with the brand's name, and vinyl duffle bag.

My guess is that these items might be restocked with the official US launch of the entire collab in a week so keep your eyes peeled and watch Adidas' website. It's not every day you get to tap into one of the most important brands of a decade past—this is a shopping event you don't want to miss.