The Final Trailer For 'Dark' Will Make Your Head Spin

by Ani Bundel

When Dark arrived on Netflix, it was one of several European series that were sleeper hits. Between Dark, the Danish The Rain, and Babylon Berlin, epic shows from overseas were accruing cult followings. Dark, with it's twisty time travel and oncoming apocalypse, soon became the newest series for obsesses to fanfiction over, especially when Season 2 ended on a cliffhanger suggesting there were multiverses as well as time travel. The final trailer for Dark seems to confirm the theory there are multiple worlds where events play out.

But is the only way to stop the end of the world is for everyone to work together? In most science fiction series like this, at least American-made ones, there would be a thread of hope. If characters reach across the divide and work together, they could cancel the apocalypse, and the Earth will be saved,

But not Dark. Instead, in the final trailer, the series lives up to its title. Everything in the two-minute-long clip hints that, despite the heroic efforts of Martha to travel to Jonas' world and tell him the apocalypse is happening across multiple dimensions, hope is even further away than before.

This might be the end of the world, everywhere. Check out the full trailer below.

The synopsis for the final eight episodes is as follows:

In the third and final season, Dark reaches its mind-bending conclusion, moving beyond the concept of space and time. Upon arrival in a new world, Jonas tries to make sense of what this rendition of Winden means for his own fate, while the ones left behind in the other world are left on a quest to break the loop that now not only bends time but also space. Two worlds. Light and dark. And in the center a tragic love story of epic proportions.

At this point, the love story is Jonas and Martha, the new Adam and Eve, by the trailer's telling. Now, separated not only by time but also by universes, the two face the impossible task of stopping the destruction of both worlds. Or else, they will have to stay together and start the world all over. Which would you choose?

Dark's final season arrives on the day of the apocalypse, Saturday, June 27, 2020.