The Emotional Meaning Of The Blue Moon Is All About Rising From The Darkness

All full moons are special and powerful in their own right, but the one slated to take place at 5:11 p.m. ET on May 18 knocks it out of the park for one major reason: It'll be a blue moon. This is a rare lunar occurrence and it inevitably means you'll get to experience even more magic than usual. Now, I usually feel nervous about an upcoming full moon. They're a time of emotional intensity and life-changing revelations. However, the emotional meaning of the 2019 blue moon is so empowering and enchanting that, in all honesty, I'm totally looking forward to it.

Before we get to that, let's talk about why this full moon is blue. After all, it's the only full moon in May, and isn't a blue moon what happens when there are two full moons in the same month? Yes, but it's also when four full moons take place in one astronomical season instead of the usual three, according to This makes the third full moon of that season a blue moon, which is what we've got going on here. Feeling confused yet? Don't be. None of that will matter when the blue moon affects you in its cosmic and spiritual way.

Remember that, like all full moons, this will highlight aspects of your world that might be missing or in need of change. A full moon evokes completion, realization, and highlights your truth. Don't fight it. Just let it wash over you.

Prepare To Feel Highly Intuitive And Spiritually Connected

First of all, this blue moon takes place in fixed water sign Scorpio, which is bound to make it deeply affecting and possibly even volatile. Scorpio lives in the underworld and doesn't want to make things prettier than they really are. This lunation will highlight your inner darkness, but don't let that terrify you. The point is not to descend into darkness. It's to search through your shadow and find strength in it. Be honest with yourself and get to the bottom of what your spirit truly needs.

However, this blue moon is teaming up with other planets in a super positive and transformative way. For one thing, it's forming a grand water trine with imaginative Neptune and the fateful north node. This will awaken your spiritual understanding of life and help you become more compassionate to yourself and others.

Delve Into Introspection And Tackle The Skeletons In Your Closet

You have so much power to look within on this blue moon because it also takes place while three outer planets are retrograde: Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. During retrograde, a planet's power is turned around, making it a super internal experience.

All three of these planets deal with your ability to grow, transform, and become more disciplined. This full moon will likely reveal the karmic consequences of your decisions. You may feel confused, overwhelmed, and even shaken, but you should ride through these feelings and stay grounded. You're realizing what needs to change in your life and also that you're fully capable of changing it. Don't burden yourself with expecting these changes to happen overnight either. This is a long process and this is just the beginning.

Trust That No Matter What Happens, You're On The Right Path

There is power in realizing it's time to move on, but that doesn't make any of it easy. You might avoid the truth for as long as you can and procrastinate doing something about it. However, you don't have to beat yourself up about it. This lunation is so special because it's forming a harmonious trine with the north node. In astrology, the north node represents the energy we're all collectively striving towards. It's the role model we're all following. It's the north star guiding us towards greatness.

Trust that this blue moon is showing you something for a reason. Whatever happens, it's all a part of your destiny. You're on the right track.