'Elite's Season 3 premiere date announcement teaser brings back all the teens.

'Elite' Season 3 Is Coming So Soon & This New Teaser Will Get You Pumped


Get ready to jump back into the twisty, lusty, murderous drama of Elite, because Netflix's hit teen series is coming back a lot sooner than expected. The streaming service announced the highly anticipated Season 3 premiere date in a sleek new teaser, and it turns out fans have less than a month to wait to see what's next for the teens at Las Encinas. The Elite Season 3 date announcement teaser may not be long, but it ends with a promise that the new episodes will pick up with an answer about that wild Season 2 cliffhanger ending.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from throughout Elite Season 2. After the countless unexpected twists of Season 2, all eyes are now on Polo as Elite heads into its new season, and the newly released teaser emphasizes that. In the last finale, the truth finally came out that Polo was the one who killed Marina, but strangely enough, he was somehow released from jail after just two weeks without any explanation. Right before this happened, Cayetana heavily implied she would find the trophy that Polo used to kill Marina and hide it. Her involvement in covering up the murder weapon is likely what freed Polo from jail so quickly, but of course, nobody else knows about that — yet.

Since he's the center of attention right now, it's no surprise Polo steals the scene in the teaser trailer. The new clip shows all of the main characters displaying a range of emotions as the Tones and I song "The Kids Are Coming" plays in the background. It ends with a close up of Polo slowly shedding a tear, signaling his guilt over what happened will continue to be a major part of this season.

While most of the characters in the teaser are instantly recognizable to Elite fans, there are a couple who even hardcore fans may not have recognized. That's because there are a few new characters being introduced in Season 3: Yeray and Malick. The teaser provides a first look at these new Las Encinas students, played by Sergio Momo and Leïti Sène, respectively. Nothing is known about them yet, but they were revealed along with the Season 3 renewal news back in October 2019.

But of course, the biggest news to come from this teaser is the Season 3 premiere date, which is so much sooner than expected. Given that Season 1 and Season 2 of Elite premiered in fall 2019, most fans expected Season 3 to continue the pattern. But instead, Netflix revealed the new season will drop on Friday, March 13. That means fans only have a few weeks to wait for new episodes of Elite, which is just enough time to fit in a quick rewatch of Seasons 1 and 2.