Snapchat Reveals 'The Dead Girls Detective Agency' Season 3 Premiere Date & Trailer


The mystery is only getting more twisted and unpredictable on The Dead Girls Detective Agency, and the newly released Season 3 trailer proves that. After releasing its first two seasons back-to-back last fall, Snapchat's dark teen murder mystery show just revealed when it will be back for Season 3, and gave fans a first look at what will happen to Charlotte, Nancy, Lorna, and Edison in the upcoming episodes. The Dead Girls Detective Agency Season 3 premiere date and trailer will seriously pump fans up for what looks like the most twist-filled season yet.

In case you're new to The Dead Girls Detective Agency, here's what you should know: The Snapchat original series, produced by Indigo Development and Entertainment Arts, Insurrection Media, and Keshet Studios, first premiered last fall, introducing a bold new format of short, five-minute episodes that were released daily on the platform. Its first season debuted in October, with Season 2 following closely after in November. The series is an adaptation of the 2012 book of the same name written by Suzy Cox, as well as its 2014 follow-up, Dead Girls Walking.

The supernatural detective series follows Charlotte Feldman (played by The Middle star Gia Mantegna), who wakes up after being pushed in front of a train to discover she is dead and her spirit is stuck in limbo until she can solve the mystery of her own death. Thankfully, Charlotte has some help in the sleuthing department from fellow purgatorial spirits Nancy Graves (played by Gilmore Girls star Vanessa Marano) and Lorna Reddy (played by A.P. Bio star Aparna Brielle). There is also the enigmatic dead boy, Edison Cruz (played by Al Calderon), who adds another layer of mystery to Charlotte's non-life.


The newly released Season 3 trailer picks up on where Season 2 left off. Spoiler alert: Don't read on if you haven't finished Season 2 of The Dead Girls Detective Agency. The Season 2 finale hit fans with a bunch of huge cliffhangers. First, Charlotte actually found out who killed her — a misogynistic bar patron who thought her kindness was flirtation and killed her in his rage after she ignored him in public. With her case solved, Charlotte finally obtained her key to the Other Side, and she even planted a kiss on Edison before she walked through the door, imploring him to reopen his case so he could join her. But before Charlotte could fully cross over, another dead girl appeared in the hotel, and Charlotte decided to stay a while longer in order to stop the constant killings. That's when Charlotte learned of another terrifying twist: A mysterious spirit had suddenly whisked Edison away.

The new Season 3 trailer reveals that Charlotte, Nancy, and Lorna will be helping a new dead girl try to solve the mystery of her murder, which may or may not have something to do with a cousin who was after her inheritance. Check out the trailer below:

In April, Keshet Studios, the studio behind the teen soap, announced Snapchat had picked up Dead Girls Detective Agency for another 20 episodes. Season 3 will consist of 10 episodes, so the 20-episode pickup ensures at least one additional season of the show beyond this new one.

You can check out the series by searching the show's name on Snapchat's discover page, or snapping the QR code below.


Dead Girls Detective Agency Season 3 will premiere on Snapchat on Sunday, Aug. 11, with new episodes airing daily.