The Major Dating Red Flag You're Most Likely To Miss, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Jamie Kravitz

If you're into astrology, you know that your zodiac sign can indicate how you might react to certain situations. For example, Aries are ruled by the element of fire, and that stubborn energy tends to come out when they aren't getting what they want. The way you act when meeting new people, as well as how you behave around those you are most comfortable with, can also be predicted based on your sign. So it makes sense that when it comes to the dating red flag you're most likely to fall victim to, the stars can once again help you identify your potential soft spots and prevent you from getting hurt — or hurting someone else.

When you're single and going out on a number of dates, it's easy to fall into familiar patterns. Your personality and unique desires are what attract people to you in the first place, but some of your habits may also be preventing you from forming a lasting relationship with someone truly special. Each sign has specific needs, and when these needs go unfulfilled, the signs show their dissatisfaction in different ways.

If you're beginning to feel like every date you go on ends the same, it might be time to look to astrology for some answers. Here is the major dating problem you're most likely to face, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: You have to fight for their attention.

As an Aries, you require constant reassurance that you're desired. When you first start dating someone new, your excitable nature means you want to talk to them all the time. You know they're seeing other people, and you probably realize deep down that this person isn't making as much of an effort to spend time with you as you are for them. But you stubbornly ignore the warning signs and push to be their number one anyway.

Taurus: They try to change you (or you try to change them).

Persistent Taurus is known for always making a list and checking it twice. Before committing to someone, you need to know that they're going to be worth your while. But you may be so busy cross-referencing your relationship checklist that you don't realize this person is also trying to make you fit into their mold. It's OK to be cautious when you're actively dating, but do make sure your pickiness is warranted.

Gemini: Your communication styles are vastly different.

Geminis thrive on good conversation. You're social and versatile in group settings as well as one-on-one. It can be difficult for you to find someone who can keep up, so may end up meeting a lot of people who you don't quite mesh with. It's important that your date understands your sarcastic nature and can combat your witty banter with equally quick responses. The biggest red flag you're likely to overlook is settling for someone whose communication style isn't compatible with yours.

Cancer: You feel the need to nurture them.

Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac. Your caring nature is a positive trait, but try to remember that you're not everyone's mother. Make sure your compassion doesn't turn into coddling, because that can scare potential partners away. You want your date to feel cared for, but never smothered. You're both adults; he or she can probably manage for themselves just fine.

Leo: You lose interest after the first or second date.

You love the chase, Leo, but know that there is more out there than the thrill of a first date. Instead of working to develop relationships, you tend to flake out after going on just one or two dates. Just remember that there are major benefits to actually getting to know someone. You might be surprised by how excited you are by smaller milestones, if you only give yourself a chance to reach them.

Virgo: You expect every date to go exactly according to plan.

You're as responsible as they come, Virgo, but not everyone is as on top of their lives as you are. If your date is a little late or the conversation veers from your pre-rehearsed topics, you might find yourself getting upset. Not every date is going to be fantastic, but give yourself the chance to have fun. After all, a little spontaneity might be just the refresh you need to revive your dating life.

Libra: You feel like you're the only one putting in effort, even when that's not true.

As a Libra, you need harmony and balance in all aspects of your life. You also tend to be the one who chooses where you go on dates, what you do during, and how to proceed afterwards. You don't like being pressured into making a decision on the spot, so you may feel the need to decide before you're even asked. This means that it can end up seeming like you're putting in all the effort, even when that isn't the case. Give your date a chance to chime in, too, and you might be surprised by what they say.

Scorpio: You don't take advantage of enough opportunities.

Mysterious Scorpio can be a bit oblivious to subtle flirting. You're probably missing out on a ton of opportunities, simply because you're too caught up in your own thoughts to notice people giving you cues. Give yourself some credit; you're a catch. People are attracted to you, and once you recognize how magnetic you are, you'll start to realize just how many chances you're being given to meet someone really great.

Sagittarius: You're afraid to go beyond small talk.

Your enthusiasm shows, Sag, but sometimes you're simply too playful. Your focus on flirting and hooking up means that you don't usually get too deep when you're chatting with a date. You tend to be so confident that the person is into you, that you forget to ask them about themselves. Intimacy is scary, but it's also oh-so worth it. You don't have to play 20 deep questions, either. Just let the intimate moments happen naturally, and fight the urge to stop them when they do.

Capricorn: You're playing hard-to-get.

Delayed gratification may work for you, Cap, but you don't always have to put so much distance between you and a potential partner. It's normal to be a little bit scared when you're dating someone new. Instead of acting aloof to save your dignity in case it doesn't work out, try letting your vulnerable side show. You don't have to recite an original love poem, but telling the person every now and then how much you're into them doesn't mean you're showing weakness.

Aquarius: You aren't passionate about the same things.

Your passion projects are what drive you, Aquarius. You need someone who shares at least some of your interests, or you'll soon grow bored and even resentful. You might be attracted to someone physically and tell yourself that's enough, but it's not. You need to also be passionate about the same types of things, or else your shared spark will soon fizzle and die out.

Pisces: You get too serious, too fast.

You still believe in fairytales, so you might try to convince yourself that every date you meet is your knight in shining armor. It's sweet that you love the idea of love, but make sure you're actually falling for someone before you make it official. Pisces tend to try to DTR right away, but forcing someone to commit before they're ready isn't a solution. If it feels like too much, too fast, it probably is.

Once you've identified your dating Kryptonite, you'll start to notice how often you ignore the same red flag. Only then can you change your behavior and work on forming new and healthier dating habits.

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