How To Do Your Makeup For A Date, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

by Kim Carpluk

Dating is hard. I'm an INFJ, with emphasis on introverted-ness. The time before my dates is spent panicking and fighting my anxiety, so I have zero energy left to decide between brown or black liner. If you, too, can't deliberate over cosmetics before dates, then here's the date makeup tutorial you need to try based on your Myers-Briggs personality type. With the apocalyptic day known as V-Day (aka Valentine's day) ominously approaching, then this list is sure to come in handy.

Whether you're an ESTP or an ENFJ, we all deserve to find love, sex, companionship, someone to unzip our death trap dresses before bed so we don't have to sleep in them, or any combination of the aforementioned things. If you're very into your makeup (like me), or a little vain (like me), choosing the cosmetic products to wear for a date can be absolutely daunting. Will a nude lipstick or a lipstick better communicate "I want you to touch my butt, but respectfully, like in a Tina Belcher type of way?" I'm joking, of course, because lipstick does not have the power to do that. However, the right lipstick does have the power to make you feel confident AF, and for someone who tends to retreat into her shell like a turtle on dates (once again, like me), a little confidence boost can go a long way.

So here's the perfect makeup look for every Myers-Briggs personality type because you deserve to chill out with a sheet mask before a date, not stress over mascara.


You, ISTJ, are reliable and dependable in relationships. So you need a look that's just as tried-and-true as you are. Keep the skin fresh, the eyes contoured, and the lips subtle.


ISTPs, you're hard to nail down, and you kinda don't give a f*ck what anyone thinks. So why not intimidate the heck out of your date with an ombre red lip and thick winged liner? Are you hiking in the woods in broad daylight? No problem. You can rock a bold look any time of the day.


You're a real live-in-the-moment type, ESTP, so you need a routine you can slap on and go. You never know when you'll be going for a spontaneous skydive or a ride with the windows down along the shore. Opt for a soft coral lip, clean skin, and lashes. Lots and lots of lashes.


ESTJs are straight-shooters, and trendy looks are out of the question. A simple glam that just emphasizes your natural beauty is perfect. After all, we want to be upfront from the jump and set up expectations properly.


Hi, ISFJ. You're shy. I get it (trust me), but that doesn't mean you want to fade into the wallpaper either. Go for a natural, ethereal look with popsicle-stained lips and flushes, rosy cheeks.


You're already a little mysterious to your dates, ISFP, so amp it up with a strong tightline and red carpet-ready smoke. Make your romantic partners turn to stone, just like Medusa.


You're fun-loving and bubbly by nature, ESFP, so you, more than anyone else, can pull off a glossy pink lip. Tone down the eyes so your date with by hypnotized by your pout and hang on every word you say.


You take your dating life very seriously, ESFJ, so we don't have time to mess around with trendy lip colors and eye shadows. Just focus on perfecting your complexion and you'll be good to go.


What's up my fellow INFJs? This is probably not news to you, but we treat each date as an important life event because we don't have time to waste and we're incredibly picky. Show your dates you can see right through them with a soft smoky eye.


You're a daydreamer, INFP, so you need a look that reflects your whimsy. This rose gold fantasy will do just that.


You're optimistic about love, ENFP. Draw attention to that twinkle in your eye with a metallic bronze lid. And a nude lip will encourage a little makeout action, if you so choose.


You also take your dating life very seriously, ENFJ, but you're bold enough to go for something smokier. A dark tightline and a glossy, bubblegum pink lip will serve you well.


You're careful and calculated, INTJ, so don't mess around. A soft cherry lip is enough to give the look a pop without being distracting. Brush on some mascara and you're good to glow.


You do love love, INTP, but you might be a little too shy to express it sometimes. A mauve eye will show off your personality without attracting any unwanted attention.


You're down for pushing boundaries and testing limits, ENTP, so why not rock a bold brow with a smoky eye and dusty rose lip? Too much is never enough.


ENTJs are in it to win it, so show your dedication with a coppery eye and dramatic winged liner. You need to be taken seriously from the get-go.