‘The Crown’ Revealed Who Will Play Princess Diana In Its Final 2 Seasons

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While Season 4 of The Crown is still scheduled to be released at the end of 2020, the showrunners are already looking ahead to Seasons 5 and 6 of the hit Netflix show. Following the announcement of Jonathan Pryce as Prince Phillip in the final two seasons on Thursday, Aug. 13, producers revealed The Crown cast Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana. Here's what to know about the Australian actress, who has previously appeared in Netflix's The Cloverfield Paradox and The Great Gatsby.

When Season 4 heads back to Netflix, viewers will first get to meet Lady Diana, who will be played by Pennyworth's Emma Corrin. However, when the show progresses to depict Queen Elizabeth leading the British monarchy towards the 21st century, Corrin will be replaced by Debicki.

On Sunday, Aug. 16, The Crown announced the decision along with a statement from the Australian star, who is next set to appear in Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated film Tenet, which has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Viewers might also know her from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Night Manager, and Widows.

"Princess Diana’s spirit, her words and her actions live in the hearts of so many," Debicki wrote about taking on the role. "It is my true privilege and honour to be joining this masterful series, which has had me hooked from Episode 1."

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In addition to Pryce, who will replace Game of Thrones' Tobias Menzies who played an older Prince Phillip in Season 3 and Season 4, Debicki will be starring alongside Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret. Imelda Staunton, who took on the role of Queen Elizabeth at the start of Season 3, will also be returning.

Viewers still don't know who will play other major characters, such as a teenage Prince William and Harry, Prince Charles, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, Prince Edward, or the Queen Mum. It's also likely we'll be seeing new characters playing Prime Ministers John Major and Tony Blair.

Judging by the recent announcements surrounding Pryce and Debicki''s casting, it wouldn't be surprising if fans learn more about what other stars will appear in the final two seasons of the show pretty soon. However, considering that Season 5 and Season 6 of The Crown are not scheduled to start filming until June of 2021, it's likely that we won't be seeing these stars appear on the show until Season 5's scheduled air date of 2022. Luckily, in the meantime, there's Season 4 to look forward to sometime at the end of the year.