7 Thoughts The Confident Girl Has About The One Who Got Away

The confident girl is known for being cool, calm, and collected, but naturally, she still deals with relatable AF obstacles in her romantic life. Many of us are all too familiar with the one who got away, and so is she. The confident girl believes she gave it her all, but the relationship still managed to slip through her fingertips. What even went wrong?

Before anyone makes assumptions about this girl and her love life, let's get one thing straight: Confidence can sometimes be mistaken for cockiness, but they're two completely different things. The confident girl isn't full of herself; she just knows what she wants in life, and isn't afraid to go after it. She's confident that she can take on the world, and embraces new relationships with a positive mindset.

The confident girl wants you to know that she isn't emotionless. She feels and wonders many of the same things the next person would if they were pondering the one who got away. The only crucial difference is that the confident girl is a firm believer that what is meant to be, will be. Yeah, she misses this person, but even through the "what ifs," she finds a silver lining by not dwelling too heavily on the past. Before she moves forward with her head up, she does some reflecting. These particular thoughts about the one who got away cross her mind.

If We Tried Again, Things Would Be Different
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The confident girl doesn't believe in doing the same thing twice if she wants completely different results. Of course, she's going to feel assured that her current best isn't parallel to her best in the past. In other words, the confident girl is always re-crafting her approach.

We Both Deserve To Be Happy, Even If It Isn't With Each Other
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Again, the confident girl is very self-assured. It's one of her many awesome and beautiful qualities. Yeah, she misses the one who got away every now and then, but she's confident that happiness will not evade either of them. It's not the easiest thing to accept that someone you really care about is happy with someone else, but they're following their own path in this thing called life, and you're following yours, too.

If We Met At Another Point In Time, Would It Have Worked Out?
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Time and the way no one has control over it can be a total pain in the butt. The confident girl knows that she's experiencing self-growth whenever she can. Because of this, she may very well wonder if a different starting point would have changed the turnout of this love story.

What If I Don't Meet Someone Like Them Ever Again?
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The confident chick knows that everyone has something special and unique to offer a relationship. Since she shared many precious times with the one who got away, she might question if another person who's just as incredible as them will ever come along.

If We Were Really Meant To Be Together, They'd Come Back
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The confident girl knows that everyday people have the opportunity to make their own choices, and if the one who got away really wanted to be with her, they would do everything they could to make it happen.

What Will They See In Someone Else That They Didn't See In Me?
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This might seem like a critical question, but it's actually analytical. When you're confident, you don't stop working on being the best person you can be. Also, this person maybe never have given you a straight answer as to why things didn't work out, and you'd really like to be clued in on that. Knowing what they see in this new person, but seemingly didn't see in you, will give you much-needed closure.

Maybe I Just Wasn't "The One" For Them, And That's OK
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Since confidence is nothing like being cocky, this is a valid thought to have. You aren't proclaiming that you were the perfect match for this person. You leave room for the idea that things worked for as long as they should have, until the right person for them came along. Accepting that you aren't "the one" for someone is one of the strongest things you could do when moving on.

Thinking about the one who got away is a mind-tugging experience, no matter how confident you are. The trick is to only let the thoughts circulate sometimes, because this is your life to live, and you shouldn't dwell on a love story that's history.