The Olympics Opening Ceremony Ended With A ‘Parent Trap’ Classic & OMG

by Collette Reitz

If you caught up on sleep instead of watching the 2018 Winter Olympics opening ceremony live in the wee morning hours of Friday, Feb. 9, then color me jealous. In all honesty, though, you can watch the full opening ceremony in primetime on NBC on Friday, Feb. 9, so you're not really missing out on much, but I can let you in on an awesome nostalgic surprise that you won't want to miss. Lindsay Lohan fans, gather round, because the closing song at the 2018 Olympics opening ceremony is a treat that will blow your '90s mind.

I'll preface this with a spoiler alert in case you have a full on opening ceremony watch party planned, but if anything, this song will get you more pumped for the Winter Olympics opening ceremony than you ever thought possible. After all of the fanfare in PyeongChang Olympic Stadium, there was a message officially instructing the games begin. That was exciting and all, but then viewers were treated to the sweet, sweet sounds of an iconic The Parent Trap song.

Yep, "Never Let You Go" by Jakaranda boomed throughout the stadium in PyeongChang. If you need a little refresher, it's the song that plays when one of Lohan's characters, Hallie Parker (who is pretending to be her twin sister, Annie James), finally gets to spend the day in London with her estranged mother, Elizabeth James (played by the late Natasha Richardson). It's an adorable scene that made many a preteen '90s girl ask her parents to buy her a powder blue jumpsuit á la Hallie Parker.

You remember the song now, right? The mother-daughter duo pals around London, and then James is called into her job where she works as a wedding dress designer. After she fixes a veil issue by adding white top hat (of course), Hallie inexplicably pops into the bride's photo shoot (still confused by that one, TBH). None of that really matters, though, because what you likely remember best is the song, "Never Let You Go," playing during the scene.

Who can blame you? The lyrics are so catchy, especially the chant-sining chorus that goes as follows:

Hey oh ma ma ma... Hey oh ma ma ma, Hey-ah, Never let you go, Hey oh ma ma ma, I'll never let you go, I'll never let you go.

Apologies to you if this song is now stuck in your head for the rest of day, but I'm not totally to blame. As I mentioned before, this '90s jam resurfaced thanks to the 2018 PyeongChang opening ceremony.

Shortly after the Olympic cauldron was lit by Yuna Kim, a South Korean former professional figure skater, there was instruction to officially let the games begin. And then, a recording of Jakarta's "Never Let You Go" closed out the opening ceremony as the camera panned out to an aerial view of the gorgeously lit PyeongChang Olympic Stadium.

Pool/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

It was seriously the best mashup of Winter Olympics realness and major '90s nostalgia. This isn't the first time that the Olympics have given '90s kids some throwback memories.

During the 2012 London Summer Olympics, one particular song played at the closing ceremony might be more popular since it is a hit by The Beatles, but it also finds a home in the beginning of the sameThe Parent Trap montage that brought you "Never Let You Go."

"Here Comes the Sun" rang out in London's Olympic Stadium during the closing ceremony in August 2012, and some people couldn't help but be reminded of their favorite '90s Lohan masterpiece when it played.

You can find the song in The Parent Trap clip at the top of this post, but you'll likely remember that "Here Comes the Sun" played as Lohan and Richardson recreated the iconic Abbey Road album cover as they walked through London.

Who knew Lindsay Lohan and the Olympics had so much common ground? I mean, the music choices are probably a coincidence (they are), but with all this The Parent Trap talk, I'm still slightly expecting the 2018 Winter Olympics to announce Oreos and peanut butter as the official snack of the games. Obviously, that's a long shot, but if I see any incarnations of the famous handshake during the games, I will definitely let you know.

If anything, this mostly conjured-in-my-head The Parent Trap connection to the Olympics is just one more reason to watch the games, so tune in and enjoy!