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It’s just about time to close the door on 2020 (whew!) and look forward to a whole new year. The best thing about this time of year is that it's an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. New year, new you. It could even mean new opportunities for a bigger, better, and more satisfying love life. Sounds great, right? But you can’t keep doing the same things and expect a new outcome, so knowing what changes to make to your love life could be the key to turning 2021 into your best year yet. This is where astrology can come in handy, because as Kara Kamenski and Jade Salzano, aka The Astro Babes and hosts of the Blame It On the Stars podcast, explain, some celestial events can give your love life a boost this year — if you know how to take advantage of them.

According to Kamenski and Salzano, this year is mostly going to be about growing your communication skills with a little nudge from the stars. “We can expect to see people more willing to communicate their feelings in romantic relationships or even in casual dating. The eclipses of 2021 will fall in Gemini and Sagittarius, two signs that are known for being great communicators,” they explain. This year will also mark an opportunity for self-reflection and growth that can have powerful ripple effects on your love life. “Gemini and Sagittarius are both highly intelligent and like to learn, so we can expect to see people continue to learn more about the type of partner they are,” Kamenski and Salzano add. They also suggest taking advantage of tools like learning about love languages, attachment styles, shadow work, and even Myers-Briggs to help you explore and understand more about what you need both as an individual and for your relationships, be they committed or casual — or something in between.

Here’s what else Kamenski and Salzano suggest are positive dating changes to incorporate into your life this year, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries & Libra: Leave the past in the past.

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While you can oftentimes learn important lessons from previous experiences, this year both Aries and Libra need to put their past behind them and heal to improve their love lives, say Kamenski and Salzano. “With Pluto, the planet of transformation, impacting these signs, this is a powerful time for growth and healing,” they explain. This may also be the year to get more serious about romantic connections. “With Venus impacting both these signs, they're learning how to experience love in a new way that's more in alignment with their authentic selves,” they add. It’s going to be a year of renewal for Aries and Libra, too. “As they leave old habits and beliefs about dating behind, they will be able to start fresh in new connections moving forward,” Kamenski and Salzano suggest.

Taurus & Scorpio: Step outside your comfort zone.

This year is going to be a period of free-spiritedness for both Taurus and Scorpio's romantic lives. “With Uranus directly impacting these signs, they will experience a shift towards being more experimental,” say Kamenski and Salzano. This makes 2021 a great time to break out of their comfort zone and try some new things. Kamenski and Salzano suggest dating outside their usual time type and maybe even being a bit rebellious in their approach to dating. "In 2021, [we] see Taurus and Scorpio honoring their authentic selves and allowing them to be seen and loved for who they truly are," they say.

Gemini & Sagittarius: Be honest about your feelings.

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Both Gemini and Sagittarius will experience growth in their communication skills in relationships in 2021, say Kamenski and Salzano, explaining that, “The eclipses of 2021 all will be occurring in their house of identity and their house of relationships, allowing both Gemini and Sagittarius a chance to get open and honest about their feelings in any connection they experience — both casual and committed.” Both Gemini and Sagittarius are already skilled in communication, but they're also notorious for running away from relationships if things move too quickly for their comfort. “Learning how to better communicate these concerns and fears will help them grow not only as partners but also as people,” say Kamenski and Salzano.

Cancer & Capricorn: Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Both Cancer and Capricorn have well-earned reputations for being a bit on the reserved side, but that may change a bit in 2021, as they'll both also have opportunities to become more comfortable in their skin this year. This can be helpful, particularly when it comes to long-term relationships, explain Kamenski and Salzano. “Pluto, the planet of intimacy and transformation, will be impacting these two signs in a way that allows both Cancer and Capricorn the opportunity to get more comfortable with emotional intimacy,” they say. “At the end of 2021, we see a Venus retrograde in Capricorn that will cause these two signs to change their perspective on relationships as a whole. Cancer will have Saturn, the planet of restriction, in their eighth house of sex and intimacy, allowing the naturally reserved sign to face their fears and be more vulnerable. Capricorn will have Saturn in their second house of self-worth, giving them a chance to feel more confident in their skin.” All of this means that for Cancer and Capricorn, embracing vulnerability and being more confident will help them finally heal old wounds and be less fearless in their romantic endeavors, explain Kamenski and Salzano.

Leo & Aquarius: Relax and keep an open mind.

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This is the year both Leo and Aquarius become more likely to embrace casual relationships, despite being fixed signs that are typically very serious about the types of people they date, say Kamenski and Salzano. “The eclipses in 2021 will be occurring in both Leo and Aquarius’ fifth house of casual love, allowing these two signs to enjoy the thrill of dating,” they explain. “Trial and error dating will help these two signs figure out what their tastes are as they get more experimental. This change will be very welcome and different considering both Leo and Aquarius tend to be picky about who they want to be with romantically,” they conclude. There are clearly plenty of surprises in store for Leo and Aquarius this year.

Virgo & Pisces: Lean into the romance.

Both Virgo and Pisces will get the opportunity to indulge romantic fantasies this year, say Kamenski and Salzano. They'll both also be driven by a strong desire for deep connections in 2021. “This romantic energy is enough for Virgo and Pisces to be strong contenders in dating and to attract partners with similar desires. With Jupiter impacting these signs as well, they both will experience optimism and luck in regards to their romantic lives,” Kamenski and Salzano explain. In addition, this year will be marked by an abundance of opportunities for casual romances, along with a desire to spend time with new people.

Sounds like no matter your zodiac sign, it’s time to dust off that dating app and get ready for a year of romantic possibility and personal growth. Bring on 2021.

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Kara Kamenski and Jade Salzano, aka The Astro Babes and hosts of the Blame It On the Stars podcast

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