The Best Workout To Do While Watching TV May Look Easy, But It Burns, Girl

Even if you're someone who likes the occasional HIIT class, or a long, head-clearing run, you have to admit, there's nothing quite like having a sweat session in the comfort of your own home, especially since it means you can zone out to your favorite Netflix show while you're working your butt off. Indoor-only soft pants and a Queer Eye marathon are where it's at, but it can be a bit tricky to figure out the best workout to do while watching TV, since the goal is to find something challenging, but not too hard, you feel me? If you're not sure where to start in your home workouts, allow me to suggest a simple move called the froggy. Mind you, the name may be cute, but this workout burns, y'all. Oh, does it burn.

Despite the undeniable burn, there is some good news here, my friend: It really doesn't take much to do this workout, which means you can fully enjoy the pure magic that is Jonathan Van Ness' self-care tips while you watch Queer Eye.

The froggy is one of those deceptively simple, but really effective exercises that gets your heart pumping, while also strengthening your butt, inner thighs, hamstrings, abdomen, and your back, according to Health. It's basically the one-stop-shop of home workouts, which is why it's key to include this move in your routine.

To prepare for it, lie down on your stomach with your legs extended back behind you. Flex your feet, bring your heels together (as if in a plié), and lift your shins off the floor. Make sure your arms are out in front of you, and that you're resting some of your weight on your forearms with your elbows bent, which will keep your body stable and your chest lifted.

Squeezing your heels firmly together, lift your knees off the floor, bringing your thighs along with them. Then return them to the ground and repeat. Easy enough, right?

Well, try to do it in reps of 10 or 15, about three times through, and you will be feelin' it, for sure.

Still feeling like it's too easy? Celebrity trainer Simone De La Rue, creator of the Body by Simone Method, told Health she uses this move in her fitness classes, and even with her A-list clients, including Taylor Swift and Chrissy Teigen. However, to amp up the intensity, De La Rue uses a soft exercise ball to place between the heels. But hey, if you don't have an exercise ball in your apartment, I'm willing to bet a small pillow on your couch works just as well.

If the froggy doesn't feel so great on your lower back, this variation on the workout should be a bit easier on your body.

Get your legs into that same froggy position, but keep your knees and thighs on the ground while you lift your arms and shoulders. Keep yourself balanced this way for at least 10 to 20 seconds (if you can hold it longer, though, go for it!). You can also lift and lower, as if you're doing reverse crunches. Regardless of how you do the workout, make sure you keep your abs firm, with your belly button tucked back toward your spine.

Still looking for more? Well, let's stick with this frog theme, because why the hell not, right?

This challenging and energizing workout is also referred to as "the frog," but this particular move comes from kundalini yoga.

To do this frog move, start by standing with your heels together and your toes turned out. Keep in mind, you'll want to align your knees with your toes, but remember to only go as far as your natural turn-out ability allows.

From here, squat down, balancing your hands in front of you on your fingertips, while keeping your back straight. Raise your heels, and try to keep them together as best as you can here, but of course, only go as far as feels comfortable for your body. Following your breath, inhale and raise your hips up while keeping your fingers in place on the floor in front of you. When you exhale, return to the squat position. Go at your own pace, but when you get a rhythm going with your breath, you should find you can move quite quickly. Repeat this move about 20 to 30 times for a full set.

And finally, wrap up your frog-inspired workout with — you guessed it — a nice, deep, froggy stretch.

Get on all fours, and bring your knees out to your side as far as feels comfortable (again, paying attention to your natural turn-out ability). Bring your forearms to the floor (or palms — however far you can go), then exhale while you press your hips back, feeling a lovely, deep stretch in both your hips and your thighs.

Now, can you give me a ribbit-ribbit?