These Affordable Weekender Bags On Amazon Are Great For Memorial Day Plans & Beyond

by Kristin Corpuz
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With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, you probably already have a micro-trip on the books. Whether you're escaping the city and heading on a beach getaway, or going home to visit your family for a couple of days, a MDW trip is always the perfect way to kick off — and officially welcome — summertime. Because the trip will only be a couple of days long, you probably don't need to bring your go-to roller suitcase (But no judgment if you do!), so I've rounded up the best weekender bags on Amazon that'll look perfectly adorable and won't break the bank.

Weekender bags are great for a lot of things. Of course, they're made for the person who's simply headed out of town for a few days, but they can be used for so much more. Duffel bags can be used for the gym, and if they are small enough to fit underneath the seat in front of you, they can work as your "personal item" when you're flying. If you make the investment, you're sure to get a ton of use out of your bag, both for Memorial Day Weekend and trips down the line.

I know that searching for the perfect bag can be quite overwhelming, so I've done all the work for you. Here are some of the cutest — and most affordable — weekender bags I found on Amazon.

Nautical Stripes Look Hamptons-Ready

For a bag that screams "I spent MDW in the Hamptons," I think this CAMTOP weekend travel duffel ($41.99) totally nails it. It has those adorable white and navy blue stripes that are perfect for a beach getaway, and the tan straps paired with copper hardware make it neutral enough to go with any of your killer outfits. It even has some small outer pockets for the things you don't want getting buried at the bottom of the bag.

Polka Dots Are Always A Good Idea

Polka dots are truly timeless, and this BAOSHA travel tote ($36.99) totally proves that. This adorable weekender is bound to make a splash both on your Instagram feed and IRL, so it's worth the investment for that reason alone. It's the perfect option for people who pack a little lighter, and are ready to make a fashion statement on the 'Gram.

You Never Knew You Needed A Bag In Dusty Pink, But This Bag Will Make You Want One

Move over, millennial pink — there's a new pink in town. This dusty pink quilted leather duffel ($49.99) is both chic and functional, with a seriously eye-catching color that'll have you turning heads on the train or bus. The quilted leather makes it super luxe (and no one will know that you paid less than $100 for it).

This Army Green Bag Is Simply Chic, And Your SO Or BFF Will Want To Steal It

Army green is always a great color choice if you're going for something neutral but still want a pop of color, and this simply chic weekender by The Friendly Swede ($109.99) should definitely be on your radar. You can rock it at the airport and beyond. And who knows? Maybe your SO or BFF will want to borrow it next time they head out on a trip.

If You're Looking For A Vintage Gym Bag-Inspired Weekender, This Is It

Does this gym duffel travel bag ($26.99) give anyone else flashbacks to movies of people working out at a boxing club in the '70s? (Just me?)

I think this bag is so cool. The bright red will help you spot it out in a crowd, and it is super practical. There's a shoe compartment so you can keep your shoes separate, and even a mesh pocket on the side for small things or a water bottle.

Treat Yourself To A Bag That Matches The Color Of The Ocean

I personally live for anything teal, and this Nicole Miller Sharon City duffel bag ($59.99) has totally stolen my heart. It's pretty large, so you can use it if your trip runs longer than a weekend (or if you're just a notorious over-packer like me). The tiny side pocket helps make little items easily accessible, and the studs on the bottom ensure that you won't feel too bad about putting the bag on the ground.

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