I've Been To 10 Countries This Year & These Purses Made My Travels Seamless

When I'm thinking of what to bring on a trip, no matter how long it is, a purse (or many purses) is always at the top of my list. Purses are a total necessity when I'm traveling. Not only do they help me carry all of the essentials like my phone, hotel key, and wallet, but they also have space for extras like lip gloss, hair ties, and in one case, even an iPad. In my opinion, these are the best travel purses that every frequent traveler should bring on upcoming adventures.

What I love about these purses is not just their versatility and functionality, but also how stylish they are. I really enjoy taking photos when I'm traveling and don't want the hassle — or the scare — of having to put a functional-but-unstylish bag down in order to snap a cute pic. The bags on this list are perfect travel companions because they seriously amp up my travel pics and are great for carrying my necessities on the road.

Whether you're a regular traveler or not, consider bringing one of these bags with you. (Or bring all of them with you — no judgement.) These purses are so good, you won't regret having them take up space in your suitcase for a second.

This Woven Bag Gives Me Serious OOO Vibes

(Note: The purse I use is an older version that's no longer featured on Lulus' site, so I found one that's similar.)

You've probably seen these round woven bags all over your Instagram feed, and for good reason. They're convenient for traveling, and best of all, super stylish. This bag is arguably the most uncomplicated thing in my wardrobe.

The bag opens and closes with a simple strap, and just has one big pocket for all of your stuff. It's really meant to be the perfect bag for the traveler who's always on-the-go. I love that the camel-colored material matches a wide variety of outfits, and every time I use it, I feel the vacation mindset setting in.

A Backpack, Tote, And Satchel? Sign Me Up

This convertible bag is a must-have. I love that it can go from a backpack, to a satchel, to a tote all with just the switching of a couple straps. Plus, it's big enough to fit an iPad in it in case I need to get some work done or answer emails while I'm on the road, and it carries everything else in it the way a normal purse would. It's totally not the kind of backpack you need to take off before you snap your pics, either, which is always a plus.

A Simple And Sophisticated Belt Bag Is Never A Bad Idea

I'm partial to fanny packs while I'm traveling because I like keeping my hands free, and it really doesn't get better than this belt bag from The Daily Edited. First off, it looks so chic. The silhouette is simple and sophisticated, which means that it can dress up a casual outfit or dress down a fancier one.

Plus, it's totally multi-use for me. I wear it as a belt bag, of course, but I also take the belt off and use that on its own, and I use the bag as a clutch for fancier occasions. It's big enough to fit my phone, wallet, keys, lip gloss, and other miscellaneous supplies in it.

This Crossbody Is A Staple In My Closet

(Note: The one I use is an older version that's no longer featured on Michael Kors' site, so I found one that's similar.)

I'm the type of person who allows myself one expensive purse purchase (over $200) at a time. I use it every day until it finally gives out on me, then I treat myself to a new one. This purse from Michael Kors is currently the one I've been using for the past few months, and it's beyond awesome.

It's the perfect staple bag. Black is a universal color that can be worn with pretty much every outfit. The purse can be worn as a crossbody so it's comfortable while I'm walking around and exploring, and it has so much room inside for everything I need to carry.

I Wear This For A Fun Update On The Sporty Fanny Pack Look

As I mentioned, I'm all about a great fanny pack, and this Adidas one always makes me smile. The holographic material is fun and unique, and it really spices up any outfit I wear it with. It's also super roomy inside, which is great for when I need to carry a ton of stuff with me. Plus, it works if you wear it across your body like a purse, so you can really play it up and make it a statement piece.

Another thing I like about it is that it's made of a thermoplastic material that's relatively water-resistant. I've brought this to wet and sandy destinations all over the world and have never had a problem with getting my things inside wet after the bag getting splashed. (Obviously, I don't suggest submerging the bag underwater, but it's good for when you're on a boat or at the beach.)

This Purse Is The Answer To All Of My Fancy Traveling Prayers

I brought this bag to Paris, London, and Sweden after renting it with my Rent The Runway Unlimited membership ($159 per month for unlimited rentals), and it could not have been a better accessory for the trip. It's the perfect combination of fun and fashionable, and the transparency makes it easy to find things.

Though I had to return the bag after my trip, I thoroughly enjoyed my fling with it and I'm ready to find my new (temporary) LOML purse through RTR. And if you don't want the membership, you can just rent the purse for four days for $60 — perfect for a weekend trip.

This Snakeskin Print On A Convertible Belt Bag Is A Fabulous Combo

(Note: The one I use is an older version from JustFab that's no longer available, so I found one that's similar.)

Mini bags are super trendy right now. I think they add a fun flair to your outfit and require you to only bring the essentials. Snakeskin print is also super trendy right now, and you already know how much I love a good fanny pack, so this purse is seriously speaking to my soul.

Another thing I like about this bag is that you can take the belt out and use the chain to make this a mini purse when you're headed out for the night. It's a simple statement that's eye-catching. Wins all around.