The 6 Best Amazon Smart Home Deals On Prime Day, Including Over 50% Off The Echo Dot

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images News/Getty Images

With Prime Day in full swing on July 15, you're most likely gearing up to go on a giant freakin' shopping spree. Whether that means you're embarking on a quest to re-do your kitchen, looking to purchase a wide array of new appliances, or if you're simply just trying to deck out your home with a totally high-tech sound system, definitely make a point to check out the best Prime Day smart home deals on Alexa, Echos, Fire Stick, and more. Alexa, play, "Let's Get It Started."

Sometimes, the annual e-commerce holiday can be overwhelming. Prime Day offers so many sales on so many different items, an — unfortunately — there isn't a ton of time to see everything (and there's definitely not enough money to buy everything).

Once you're able to narrow things down based on exactly what you need — and what your price range is — your shopping experience will be a little easier. Plus, the best part is that the site is offering major discounts on all of Amazon's signature home items, from Alexas to Echos to Fire Sticks. So, make sure to check out the best deals they will be offering, below.

First up is Amazon's sweet Echo deal. They're offering 56% off, so one will only cost you $22. Honestly, Echos make great gifts, so I'd strongly consider buying more than one.

56% Off Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Next, the site is offering major discounts on their slightly larger smart home, the Alexa. Normally, one will cost you $99.99, but right now, it's only costing $49.99. Seriously, that's not too shabby.

50% Off Echo Smart Speaker With Alexa

If you're seeking out a Fire Stick, look no further. The magical TV accessory is going for $24.99 right now, which is a full $25 less than what it usually costs. Am I dreaming? Hopefully not.

50% Off Fire TV Stick 4K With Alexa Voice Remote

In terms of smart home cameras, the site is offering fantastic deals on their home safety devices. The Ring Doorbell costs $69.99, as compared to $99.99. It's something to consider if your home isn't equipped with the latest devices.

Save $30 On Ring Wi-Fi Enabled Video Doorbell

Whether you're looking to save energy or if you have a new family pet, it's useful to have a Smart Thermostat. Luckily, Amazon is offering sales on its Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat and Hub in honor of Prime Day. Usually, the Hive pack goes for $229.99, but it's going for $176.61 right now. That's a steal.

23% Off Hive Heating and Cooling Smart Thermostat + Hub

Wish you could control the lights without manning the switch? Amazon offers Smart Bulbs which you can control from your phone, by voice, or by motion. Luckily, the site is offering them at a major discount for Prime Day, as they only cost $21 for a 2-pack right now, which is $38.99 less than usual.

60% Off Smart WiFi Light Bulb 2 Pack

Amazon has a wide variety of home improvement tools — its smart home library seems seriously endless. And while each product is often quite expensive, it looks like these sales are about to bring them into my price range. Get ready to feel like you've stepped into Disney Channel's Smart House, because my apartment is getting a major upgrade.