The One Place You Need To Explore In Your 20s, Based On Your Fave Disney Movie

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Let me guess — you're a Disney fanatic whose wanderlust is calling. Just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, you're looking for "adventure in the great wide somewhere." Everyone has been telling you that your 20s is the perfect time to travel, so you're totally ready to go. The question is, where should you go? As a fellow Disney lover, I'm sure you've also always imagined what it would be like to be in one of your favorite movies. Well, let me tell you, the best place to travel to can totally be inspired by your favorite Disney movie.

If you consider yourself more of a Princess Aurora, why not visit the place that inspired her castle? Or, if Lilo & Stitch was your fix, relax on the beaches where the movie took place. The possibilities are truly endless for a dreamy Disney vacation that isn't just going to the parks. You'll feel like you stepped into that mysterious Disney vault of classics, and are now in the magical movies you loved since day one.

If you need a little inspiration on where to go, here are eight picturesque destinations that are also the backdrops for some of your favorite Disney films. It's the perfect way to ensure your vacay ends with a happily ever after.

Visit Neuschwanstein Castle In Germany If You Love 'Sleeping Beauty'
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The Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland was apparently inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. So, if Sleeping Beauty has always been your jam, this is where you need to be. You will truly feel like a princess walking around this gorgeous fairytale castle.

After exploring the castle, go hiking around the beautiful landscape. Maybe if you start singing "Once Upon A Dream," a gorgeous prince might just find you. You never know.

Have A Relaxing Beach Vacay In Hawaii For 'Lilo & Stitch'
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I feel like Hawaii is on everyone's bucket list, but watching Lilo & Stitch just solidified it for me. There is so much to do in Hawaii that isn't just relaxing on the beach. Go to a luau, learn to surf, eat delicious shaved ice, or maybe find an alien best friend who can become a part of your Ohana.

Choose Your Own Fate, And Visit Scotland If You're Feeling 'Brave'
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The goal for a truly Brave-inspired vacation is to grow out my hair so it's long like Merida's, and have it blow in the wind while I shoot some arrows. That's my dream, but while in Scotland, you can explore the sights that inspired the animators for the film like the Calanais Standing Stones and Dunnottar Castle. Hopefully, your mother doesn't turn into a bear, but maybe you'll see one.

Go To Paris For A Feast Like In 'Ratatouille'
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France is the backdrop to so many beloved Disney classics, like Ratatouille. If you love to eat, Paris is the place to be and they are inviting you to, "be our guest." There are so many sweet treats like eclairs, macarons, and croissants to try.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. If Ratatouille is your favorite movie, you need to treat yourself to a delicious Parisian meal.

Go From 'Zero To Hero' In Greece If You Love 'Hercules'
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Hercules is my favorite Disney movie, so you know that Greece is on my bucket list. Visit the city of Thebes where Hercules goes to be a hero. This ancient city played a vital role in many Greek mythologies. After Thebes, visit the city of Athens with its great sights like the Parthenon and Temple of Olympian Zeus. Be forewarned that you'll probably want to break out into song like the muses as much as possible.

Head To 'The Second Star To The Right' In London If You Love 'Peter Pan'
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If you thought France had a lot of Disney movies associated with it, it's nothing in comparison to England. London is a beautiful destination for anyone who loves Peter Pan.

I have the perfect day for you if Peter Pan is your go-to Disney movie. First, visit The Peter Pan Statue in Kensington Gardens. Then, take a stroll along the River Thames. Stop to take an Insta pic of Big Ben. If it is night out, look for the second star to the right. That's where Never Land is. Think of the happiest thoughts, and maybe you'll be able to fly there.

Why Should You Worry In New York City, Because You're With 'Oliver & Company'
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Oliver & Company is definitely one of those underrated Disney classics from our childhood that we still love. You'll get the song, "Why Should I Worry" stuck in your head as you stroll down the streets of New York City. Visit Central Park and eat a hot dog in honor of that rascal dog, Dodger.

Look At Your 'Reflection' Like 'Mulan' While Visiting The Great Wall
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I bet you if you broke out into the song "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" right now, most people around you would start singing along. It's because the songs from Mulan are so good. I can totally understand why it is your favorite Disney movie.

Plus, Mulan is a total inspiration — she basically saved all of China by herself. She's also why we're looking up flights to China right now.